How To Fix a Sagging Double Gate? 

How To Fix a Sagging Double Gate

Weather conditions are something which has become very unpredictable these days. The weather reports, which we get to see on the television or our phones, turn out to be false at times, and such types of news disappoint people in several ways.

Extreme weather conditions tend to harm the wooden gates of one’s house, farmhouse, or so. Such causes affect wooden gates and invite several difficulties with opening and closing of those gates.

Situations at times turn out to be very problematic. Continue reading the article below and find out whether there is any adjustments possible or not!

Double gates are more problematic than the other gates or the single door gates. It is always an issue to latch the doors.

Here’s How You Can Fix Your Sagging Double Gate

Staying in alignment with each other is an essential part of the entire story. If one gate is in problem anytime, then the effect will probably fall on the other gate. These kinds of issues do not let the double gates stay aligned with each other.

Adjustments are always to be made to fix the problems of the structure of the double gates on your property to fix the open and close issue especially. Always check the gate posts. Search whether any symbol of damage and deterioration is found or not over there. If any, then change or replace the gate post as soon as possible. You can repair it too! It is totally your wish that what you want to do.

As these are the wooden gates and due to extreme exposure of sunlight or rain the shape of the gates might get changed which would look awful, so in such cases repairing or replacing is the best thing to do.

As mentioned above, the alignment of both wooden gates is significant. Both should stay the same and equal. The gates should not touch the ground, and rather they should be kept a bit lifted off the earth’s surface.

A lever can be used in this case to level the double gates properly with each other. The two gates need two different levers for holding the perfect and the desired position. You might need a heavy object or a stone to balance the lever well. Do the same differently with both wooden gates!

Measuring the double gates is also an essential part of the entire scenario. As you all know, without perfect measurement, nothing can be done perfectly. Starting from the bottom edges to the top edges of the gates must be measured decently, and this activity in no way can be compromised.

Position the brace accordingly or diagonally to get the best results. You might need a circular saw for cutting a proper length and after placing the brace, cut the undesired or the unnecessary corners off the board. This would help the wooden gates look more accurate, allowing the brace to adjust well.

wooden gates

Use a power drill to attach the brace to the wooden gate yours. You will need a few three-inch screws to position the intersection on the above part well.

Do repeat all the same steps for building the other side of the wooden gate. Remove the levers from each side of the gates, which were fixed below. This is done to check whether the gates are perfectly opening and closing or not and whether everything is positioned well or not. This is the right way to fix a sagging gate.

Final Thoughts

Such double wooden gates add privacy to your yards. It does not matter at all whether it is fixed in your backyard or your front yard. It simply adds a natural flavor of beauty which almost everyone is addicted to because these days nature is very difficult to find, and it is hastily disappearing.

Such gates are always meant to be swinging, but please be very careful while installing the double wooden gate. It seems to be easy, but unfortunately, it is not a very easy task to do. As mentioned above, one needs to be very possessive with the measurements and the alignment.

It is absolutely a great idea if you choose to have a helper with you for performing the task, and if not, you may call a professional too! Wood is a heavy material, and that is why you will need extra help to complete your task.

As written above, gate posts are an important part of holding the gates, so it always has to be taken care of. It should be sturdy enough to support the double wooden gates, and maintenance is compulsory.

In case you see any damage or deterioration, at that point of time, without any hesitation, repair or replace the posts. If you are willing to build cement gate posts, then wait for a week or so and then resume with your work.

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