How to Fix a Sagging Metal Gate?

How to Fix A Sagging Metal Gate

Metal gates and their support posts have to face wear and tear more than any other part of the fence. The main factor responsible for this deformation is gravity which pulls these metal gates downwards.

Due to this pulling force, hinges must face a lot of stress, and as a result, the metal gate leans over. Metal gates are welded with the gate post and can easily defy gravitational force. But when the gate post itself starts to lean, the metal gate also leans with it, and as a result, the gate does not close properly. Wooden gates are more prone to damage as compared to metal gates.

The screws which hold the hinges can easily loosen due to gravity and ultimately cause the gate to lean. The other major problem associated with wooden gates is that they tend to start rotting when they touch the ground. If there is a problem with the gate, it can be fixed quickly, but problems related to gate posts require more extensive efforts. So, let us understand how to fix a sagging gate.

If you try to shim, brace, or shore up a leaning post, then there is a high probability that it will fall again the next day. These only act as a temporary solution and will not solve your problem in the long run.

A permanent solution to this problem involves digging up the pole along with its concrete footing and then placing it in the new concrete. Here are the steps which you need to follow to fix your sagging gate:

Step 1: Remove any broken wires holding the metal gate and replace them with a double loop of smooth and bendable wires. Next, you should connect both sides of the break with the doubled wire and finally twist both ends of the wire together. Pick a hammer and insert its claw end into the loop which you have created. Twist the wire several times using the hammer to draw the wire tighter. And lastly, draw out the hammer and turn the excess left wire on itself.

Step 2: If there any broken metal pieces from the gate, they should be welded back on the gate. You can add scrap metal to make the necessary repair. If the metal gate is in a horrible condition and requires additional bracing, then weld diagonal metal pieces starting from the hinge side of the gate to the latch of the gate. If your metal gate is not a single structure and is manufactured in sections, you should add braces to each section. Next, you should paint your gate after these steps, and this will give it a stunning look and keep it safe from rusting.

Step 3: If you find that the gate hinge is broken, then you should replace it. If the gate hinge is not broken, tighten it on both sides (gate and the gatepost). The problem of the sagging gate can also arise due to loose hinge bolts. To adjust hinge bolts, first determine where the gate is lowest.

If you find that the gate is lower on the latch side, then you should tighten the upper hinge. Then remove the gate from the hinge. Finally, you need to rotate the hinge bolt in one complete turn and then replace the sagging gate with its hinges. After completing these steps, you need to align the latch with the gate. Set the latch in such a way that the gate closes as well as opens properly. 

When Do You Need to Replace the Gate Post?

The gatepost is also a significant part of the fence responsible for holding the gate. If there are any signs of rotting or deterioration, then you should replace your gatepost. This is also responsible for the sagging of a gate. You also should check the gatepost which holds the latch, although this gate post does not bear the weight of the door, it should also be in good shape.

How to Replace A Gatepost?

Replacing a gatepost requires more effort than simply repairing the gate. The steps involved in this process are:

  1. You first need to dig up the gate post along with the concrete footing.
  2. If you find the post in good condition, you can reuse it.
  3. But if you have a wooden gate post, it is recommended to replace it with a new pressure-treated post.
  4. Next, you should install the new post or old post in fresh concrete.
  5. The most convenient way of doing this procedure is by using the quick setting concrete mixture.
  6. Fill the hole with this concrete mix and then add water. In four hours, you will have a brand-new gate post!
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