How Thick Should the Plyboard Be for a Bed

How Thick Should the Plyboard Be for A Bed

Mattresses are sold with the help of a box spring designed to add firmness to the mattress. And in some situations, people find the support is not according to their needs, so they consider adding a plyboard.

The plyboard is made of many layers of wood glued together so that more firmness is offered to a bed. Adding a sheet of plyboard to an old and worn-out mattress can be an alternative for purchasing a new set of Australia’s best adjustable mattresses.

Before knowing about the thickness of the plyboard, you might be thinking about which bed to buy – wood or upholstered one. So, in this article, you will be able to know wood vs. upholstered information and about plyboard thickness. Go through the article and level up your knowledge.

Wood Vs upholstered bed – it is the natural question of choosing a bed. Which bed is better? Want to go for a luxurious and comfortable bed? Regarding beds, there are various options from which you can choose.

The point which matters the most is that you are landing on the thing that you desire off. Let us discuss the upholstered and wood beds.

Upholstered Bed

A most famous style of bed that offers comfort. The beds are soft, wrapped in fabric it offers a great softness to your bedroom. It invites you to relax, and if you are feeling too sleepy, this is the product you should go for. If you have the habit of reading, writing, and watching television in bed, only that is the key to happiness.

So, this bed offers you a firm backrest so that you can sit comfortably. With various fabrics and shapes, this bed can take you to many looks. So, you need to select the look which suits your style. You need to take proper care of these types of beds.

Wooden Beds

The list of describing a wooden bed is long and different, like glossy, painted, warm, and grand. It provides a Royal feeling and a wealthy feeling. These beds add beauty to your bedroom, are less fussy and more hygienic. They are easy to clean, do not need to take the tension of dirt. Available in a variety of styles helps in solving commitment issues.

Measurements of Plyboard

The thickness of many different plyboards differs according to the mattress. If the plyboard is less than ¾ inch, does not use it as it will not be strong to grab the mattress weight and of the person who is lying on the bed.

The plyboard should be ¾ inches thick, but the thickness should be more if spoken perfectly. When you are pondering upon the plyboard thickness, the mattress’s stature and weight should be considered.

Uses of Plyboard.

Plyboard, cheaper material, and an easy way to add toughness to an old mattress. The most important advantage of plyboard is that it helps enhance the life of the mattress and helps you prevent spending the money to buy a new mattress. They can be installed easily without any assistance, and only some measurements are needed.

Plyboard Disadvantages

In many cases, the plyboard will not permit the different mattresses to breathe in the proper way, which causes it to grab moisture and molds. It is a fact that plyboard can easily fix the mattress problems. It has misuse like it wears the bed at fast speed. It makes the wood snag down and damages the fabric. It may also not offer the proper support which a new mattress gives.


So, before keeping a piece of plyboard under the mattress, you should carefully read the warranty to avoid it. Take proper care of the measurements. Warranties are specific that alter the design of the bed.

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