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How to Improve your Homes’ Value through Renovation


Your home is your castle, your place of serenity and security. It is most likely the place where you come together with your family to share memories, have fun and enjoy each other’s company indoors and at outdoors in your enclosed patio as well, so improving its value is very much in your interest.

There are many renovations you can undertake within and around your home, but it is important to know that not all of them will add value. Before starting any renovations, it is worth considering what will benefit you and your family foremost. If you are not looking to move and are just focused on increasing value, perhaps so you can remortgage and release equity, then you would be wise to look at improving your bathroom/s and kitchen.

Bathroom and kitchens add value, and they also sell houses, so if you decide you do want to sell after renovating these spaces, then you will be in a strong position to do so, as most buyers instantly either love or hate a property based on what the kitchen and bathroom areas look like.

What to do in the Bathroom

White bathroom suites are clean, simple, and non-offensive. If your bathroom doesn’t have a white suite, then get one installed. Sleek easy to clean subway tiles look fabulous and can make any space look expensive – like you have spent more than you have! If your suite is white but looking a bit worse for wear, then there are great cleaners on the market that get plastic, ceramic, and enamel fixtures looking like new. A cheap fix can also replace faucets, cleaning up, or re-grouting tiles to leave them looking fresh and new.

TOP TIP: In the middle of doing home improvements, it is always wise to stop and ask how much is my home worth now. Knowing that you are adding value to your home will keep you going through any renovations even if they feel never-ending (which at times they can).

What to do in the Kitchen

The kitchen truly is the heart of the home, so creating a space that you want to share, love, enjoy and cook in should be your end goal. If your kitchen is quite dark and uninviting, and you want to spruce it up without spending a fortune, then you should consider painting the kitchen cupboard doors yourself. Or if this is too much hassle, look at getting a professional to take them away and do the job for you. You can paint pretty much any cabinet surface from wood to MDF and even vinyl or rather than painting you can also look out for some gate ideas as well. The main key to achieve perfect results every time is to focus on the preparation. Remember that giving walls a lick of clean paint can also lift any space, no matter what shape or size.

Adding value doesn’t have to cost you the earth, and to make sure it doesn’t, you need to set out and stick to a budget. A timescale for project completion is always beneficial. Ensure you have a start date and completion date for your renovation works, so you can make sure that they do not drag on indefinitely.

Callista Porter
Callista Porter, with a background in architecture (B.Arch, University of Texas), has made a name for herself in the renovation industry over the past 12 years. Her expertise is restoring and modernizing historic homes, balancing preservation with contemporary aesthetics. Callista joined our platform in 2021, sharing insights on architectural integrity and modern design trends in her writing. Her passion for history extends into her hobby of collecting vintage home decor, which often inspires her renovation projects.

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