How to Install Gutter Guards: A Guide for Installation

How to Install Gutter Guards: A Guide for Guard Installation

A gutter is a channel at the lower edge of the roof, making way for rainwater away from the home’s foundation and keeping the roof dry and clean. It is necessary to build gutters to prevent water accumulation on the rooftop, and it is flowing off in an unmanageable way.

What is the Gutter Guard?

Gutter Guards

It is gutter protection placed over the gutter to prevent the accumulation of leaves and debris in your gutter that could lead to a situation of clogged gutters. It blocks debris from entering your gutters without disturbing the gutter’s ability to draw away the water.

Installing gutter guards is not a fun activity but could reduce your work when it comes to cleaning gutters twice a year. Umm, twice a year, right?

If you want that your gutters function correctly and the house is kept clean and dry, gutters must be cleaned twice a year, preventing water flow.

One must know the required facts of gutter and gutter guards, install Gutter guards, clean gutter guards, what types of gutter guards are available, and so on.

How to Install Gutter Guards?

What is the Gutter Guard

Before pulling up the tools and climbing up the ladder to the rooftop, make sure that you read the instructions very well and are fit for this job.

Before installing the gutter guards, it is required to know the types of gutter guards.

Mesh Gutter Screens

Mesh Gutter Guards

A Mesh gutter guard is simply a gutter screen placed over your gutter that prevents leaves and debris from clogging and allows the rainwater to flow. Mesh gutter guards require maintenance and need to be changed yearly.

These guards lie in the middle of the price range, i.e., they have an average price, more expensive than gutter filters, and less expensive than surface tension style units. Mesh gutter guards available in plastic or metallic forms could easily be Installed without any complexity.

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How to Install Mesh Gutter Guards

Installing mesh gutter guards could be done in three ways, i.e., by slipping the edge under the first row of shingles, fixing the guard directly on the top of the gutter, or attaching a flange to the fascia.

These are efficient as they block even bits of debris, such as blowing sand, while allowing rainwater to flow. One could easily find such gutter guards from inexpensive plastic sheets to solid metal frames or stainless steel, costing $1.50 to $4.50 per linear foot, depending upon the quality.

Also, mesh gutter screens are most comfortable to install and clean and add strength to the gutter if Installed flat.

Screen Gutter Guards

These are the easiest types of gutter guards, most easy to install, often without tools and equipment. Screen gutter guards or gutter filters consist of a cylindrical-shaped brush that fits inside the gutter, which acts as a filter allowing water to enter in while keeping the debris out.

These guards are inexpensive, so that is the perfect choice for people who do not want to spend a lot of money.

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(Here, you may find the screen gutter guard you are looking for).

How to Install Screen Guards

Simplest of all because that is specially designed to be used by the owner himself. That could be fixed without any external help.

Since screen gutter guards are not fixed or screwed down, these may be dislodged by strong winds and could even break sometimes.

Cleaning gutter screens could be tricky because little seeds and debris get entangled in them and keep you involved in cleaning them.

Surface Tension Gutter Guards

Surface Tension Gutter Guards

Here is the 3rd type of gutter guard, i.e., surface tension gutter guard. It fits over the gutter so that water runs into the gutter, and debris is followed to the edge of the gutter without disturbing the gutter’s functioning.

It is a curved shaped gutter specially designed so that water runs into the gutter and leaves and debris moves to the edge.

How to Install Surface Tension Gutter Guard

It requires guard strips to be installed at the same angle as the slope of the roof. If the angle is not correct, then the water might flow to the edge rather than following the reverse curve into the gutter.

If you install surface tension gutter guards on gutters mounted high, that will cause more junk in the gutter, making the situation even worse.

They are expensive of all gutter guards and built to last a more extended period. Installing these gutter guards require special carpentry skills because sometimes the gutter itself must be adjusted and may even be visible from the ground.

Points to Remember While Installing Gutter Guards

Get the Right Size.

To get the right sized gutter guard, measure the guard’s width from the inside edge and outside edge.

Making a wrong sized gutter guard could involve you in many problems related to its proper functioning. Gutters come in three standard sizes: four Inches, five Inches, and six Inches. (With five Inches being the most common).

Clean the Gutters.

Before installing the gutter guard, ensure that you clean the gutter and verify if it is working correctly. This could be checked by flowing water through the gutter and see if there is any leakage or not. Clean out all the leaves and debris before Installing the gutter guard.

But Installing gutter guards does not make you free from the gutter chores. It would help if you still cleaned the gutters periodically.

Get to Know the Installing Process.

Before Installing the gutter guard, make sure that you read the Installing instructions carefully and be ready with the tools required. The easiest to fit gutter guard is snap–on, which fits every type of gutter and you do not need any screwdriver even to fix it.

Use Proper Safety Precautions.

Safety should never be ignored while getting involved in the process. When you climb up the ladder to your gutter, make sure you practice reasonable safety measures.

If your gutter is working correctly, avoid climbing up there frequently.

Also, you should not purchase or install gutter guards with the view of not cleaning it again. Despite Installing proper gutter guards, these need to be cleaned at least twice a year.

Gutter guards have been known to reduce the number of debris and leaves accumulated and reduce the frequency it needs to be cleaned.

(Here, you may get a reference if you want to install a gutter guard on your self).

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