8 Different Types of String Lights [With Best Buy Link]

Types of String Lights and What You Should Know: Smart Idea

Whether you plan to have a Diwali party or a Christmas get together, different types of string lights prove to be the best option to add energy and party vibe to your area.

With a touch up of different types of string lights, your house or city or office or wherever you are planning a party looks beautiful and unique.

What are String Lights?

String lights are small LED lights that are used to decorate your house. Earlier, it used to be in minimal options and was significant in size.

With the increased use of string lights, manufacturers have started their production in different forms, colors, and variations.

Be it a Diwali night, Christmas party, new year’s eve, birthday party, or any other celebration, string lights never fail to add beauty to the event.

They give a warm and magnificent environment and make your vicinity different from others regarding the vibe they give and how they look.

Types of String Lights

Overhead String Lighting

String lights could be installed indoors and outdoors, depending on the event’s requirement and need. Nowadays, the trend of using string lights is increasing because of the vibe they give.

Find below different types of string lights you could use and decorate your area.

1. Vintage String Lights

These are fundamental and easily recognizable lights having an aesthetic look. Vintage lights are easily recognizable because of the simple bulbs that are used.

These lights are often called Edison light bulbs. The wires inside these bulbs give golden light, creating a warm, intimate, and romantic environment. You will indeed find these in restaurants and cafes because of their unique aesthetic look.

You can easily find vintage lights in your nearby shopping centers or can either buy them online. You can even check it out here on Amazon.

2. Rope lights

Rope lights are mostly used outdoors but can be used indoors as well. These lights are durable as the bulb or lights are covered with a protective PVC jacket, making it long-lasting to protect it from frost and thus become weather-resistant.

There are two different types of rope lights. One that is available in different colors and consumes less energy. That is the reason why rope lights became popular. Rope lights require investment at once but then are long-lasting and durable.

Another type of rope light includes a bulb with wiring covered in rope. These are known for higher energy consumption and higher output, though these are less expensive.

In the links above, you can easily have an idea of rope lights, and if you like it, do not wait. Purchase and decorate your home.

3. Lantern Lights

Fascinated by eastern culture, lantern lights came into effect. It consists of a bulb surrounded by a lantern. Lantern lights are used widely by the people. Whether it be for events or parties or college fests, lantern lights prove to be the most attractive part of the event.

Nowadays, lantern lights are available with solar-powered mechanisms. That means you do not need to spend a high power of electricity. Solar-powered lights run a long way in being cost worthy.

Click on the link above and find some ideas of lantern lights available for you to shop.

4. Jar Lights

Jar lights are simply the lights inhibited in the jar giving a new and aesthetic look to your area. Jar lights could be used outdoors as well as indoors.

Find above the jar lights on Amazon.

But despite purchasing new jar lights, you can even make it yourself. Out of the different types of string lights, jar light could easily be made on its own.

Follow this link, and you can easily make a jar light on your own.

5. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights were given the right name based on how these lights look. These, when used, give a wholly magnificent and majestic look to the environment.

These could be used in rooms as well in your backyards. These lights create an illusion of so many flies gathered. This is what makes these lights unique and extraordinary.

Combine these lights with bushes and trees and see how magnificent these looks.

(Try out these lights from Amazon).

6. Coloured Lights

Colored lights are what everyone generally uses. On Christmas trees, we see these almost everywhere, during Diwali, in gardens, in rooms. Colored lights can be used differently and combined with different colours or just with the same color.

These lights give an intimate view of the environment. If used accordingly, these can also provide a fun environment for the event.

Out of different types of string lights, colored lights are the ones that could give a different view of the event accordingly.  One must try colored lights without having any thought of doubt.

7. Wire Rope Lights

Wire- rope light is a rope of lights consisting of multiple lights. These lights find a way both indoors as well as outdoors. People who have a creative mind always demand rope lights to meld the lights in the way they desire.

Wire rope lights look beautiful in every manner they are used. Whether you hang them on the wall or make symbols out of these roles, these creations always look amazing.

8. Globe Lights

As the name suggests, globe lights are lights that look like small circular figures like a globe. These could be used in gardens or even indoors because they give an aesthetic look to your home and are different from other types of string lights.

These are available in the simple white shade or could even be found in other colorful shades.

Have a look and see how globe lights could give a classy look to your home.

Final Words

Before buying string lights, make sure that you know the different types of string lights available in the market. Once you know the types of string lights, it would be easy for you to judge and decide which string lights would suit your area and your pocket well.

If you plan to have sting lights outdoor, make sure that the lights are weather-resistant and try to make solar powered string lights.

Another consideration that you must look upon before purchasing the lights is how the lights are powered. Batteries power the majority of the lights, so if these are cost-worthy, go for it. Otherwise, explore some other options.

Another consideration to be looked upon is the flexibility of wires if you have a creative mind and want to play with string lights.

After having a proper reserve, it would be easy to buy proper and suitable string lights without wasting money and time on other options.

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