How to Make Solar Lights Brighter: Full Explanation

How to Make Solar Lights Brighter: A Detailed Explanation

Solar light is a brilliant idea for energy resources these days. As sunlight is the most natural light we receive, we now can use electricity at home, using solar power.

Earlier and now, fossil fuels are used to generate electricity; however, these fossil fuels add pollution to the environment as the sources are non-renewable. Solar power is a magnificent idea because it does not pollute the environment in any way.

Solar power can be obtained from the solar panel that we need to install at our home, possibly on the terrace, to receive sunlight throughout the day and provide electricity to our home.

However, the idea is relatively expensive, but it is simultaneously one of the best energy forms. We should switch to that only. So, in this article, we will talk about making the solar light brighter for your help.

Clean the Solar Panel

Clean the Solar Panel

The first and foremost method to make the solar lights brighter is to clean the solar panels. The solar panel is the primary and contributing factor in generating electricity. The solar panel comprises tiny cells that absorb the sunlight and the energy from the sun. It later converts this energy to battery power.

As the solar panels are placed on the terrace, there are high chances that they may attract dust, water, or snow on their surface, which may lead to making the lights a little less bright. These dust particles or snow block the sunlight from reaching the cells that convert the energy to battery power.

If there is something like this, it is an indication to clean the solar panels thoroughly. Also, cleaning the solar panels is not an easy task. As everything is connected with electricity and battery, you will be needed to pay extra attention while cleaning them. More so, use a proper light brush to clean the panels, not to affect anything else.

After removing all the dust particles or snow from the solar panels, use a mild detergent and water to clean the panels. Make sure you do not leave the water on to the solar panels. After cleaning the detergent panels, wipe the remaining water off the panels and clean the panels with a dry cloth.

Checking the Batteries

Garden Solar Lights

Another thing that you can do to make your solar lights brighter is checking your batteries. If they are not working, you will require to purchase new ones and put them in the solar panels. Batteries are the main components of the solar panels and hence, need to be rechecked.

Batteries are the components where the energy that comes from the sunlight is stored. More so, these batteries are the reason to store the generated electricity and later transfer them into bulbs and other electric components.

Although these batteries are made to last long, they cannot survive for solar panels’ lifetime. These batteries may serve for a long time but need to be replaced once they are no longer able to provide the same energy. If you do not change the batteries once they have expired, they can damage the panels because of corrosion.

Now, the most important thing is to remove the old batteries and place the new ones. For this, first, have a thorough look at the user manual that comes along with the panels and find out the exact place where the batteries are located.

Remove the old batteries and check any leakage, white powder, or dust around the batteries’ compartment. If there is, take grit sandpaper and clear off the dust and leakage and place the new batteries carefully. Make sure to use a clean cloth to wipe the area to clean it.

Checking Sunlight Exposure

Sun Light through trees

Although the concept of installing solar panels is relatively straightforward, some people miss the concept and install it in the wrong way. Also, the essential thing about installing solar panels is the location where it has to be located. A light manufacturer will specify how many sunlight hours are needed to charge the panels and store the energy.

People straightaway install their solar panels in their gardens, thinking that there will be enough sunlight for the panels. However, they do not think that the sunlight may get covered with trees and bushes in the afternoon that may stop the sun rays from reaching the photovoltaic cells after the morning light.

So, the thing that will help you place the solar panels at the right place is to observe several places in your garden and on your terrace to get the exact right place for your solar panels. More so, it will help you to get the light brighter. A little change in the place can help you to get the light a little brighter.

Also, make a schedule for cleaning the solar panels every month so that you will get to know about that immediately if anything wrong happens with the panels. This will help you to check the damage and immediately take action without getting any delay.

Check the Lenses and Panels


To make the solar lights brighter, you will be needed to check the lenses and panels thoroughly. The lenses and the panels, but every part of the solar panels should be sifted through to make the lights brighter. To do this, there are many tasks that you can do to check the solar panels.

Check if the light coming is covered in dust. That means the sunlight is not reaching the photovoltaic cells, and hence, this could be why the light is not so bright. If the sunlight is not reaching the cells, then the cells could not absorb the energy coming from the lights, and as a result, the light will suffer.

The checking of lenses and panels are not a one day job. You will have to check them regularly to know if they are working right or be adequately fixed. If the light does not get brighter after cleaning the panel, maybe the panel’s batteries need to be replaced—all these things you can observe only when you will check the solar panel regularly.

Moreover, you can get any professional help if you think it is difficult for you to manage the solar panels independently. In this case, you can get any professional help to look after your solar panels once a week. If there has any damage done, you can immediately get the right to avoid any future problems.

Monitor During the Day

Monitoring the solar panels is the essential and most crucial task. This is because, even after installing the solar panels, there may be some reasons that they might not do their work correctly. This could be due to various reasons, such as corrosion around the battery or sunlight not directly reaching the photovoltaic cells.

Make sure there is no debris and dirt on the visible lights. Debris and dirt can be present directly on the lights that will block the light from reaching you. This will lead the light to get a little less bright. So, you should clean the panels thoroughly to avoid any debris and dirt on the panels.

Sometimes, all you need is to clean the whole panel carefully with mild detergent, water and wipe the remaining water with the help of a dry cloth. This will get your solar panel clean and allow the lights to reach the cells, which will directly reach you.

The solar lights work on batteries. Like most other batteries, these batteries also need to be replaced once expired or corrosion has occurred around them. You will get to observe all of these things once you start monitoring your solar panels throughout the day.

Not only this but even after doing all these things, if still the lights are not getting brighter, you should contact the company immediately to send any professional help.

Consider Purchasing High-Quality Solar Panels

Solar panels come in different quality, and you should choose a high-quality solar panel to avoid more problems. Also, the higher quality panels will give brighter light as compared to any other solar panel. So, a higher quality solar panel is a lot better than those regular ones.

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More so, it would help if you considered talking to any professional to help you decide and choose the right solar panel for your house to purchase a higher quality solar panel. Now, you know how to make the solar lights brighter in your home.

Even if you consider placing the higher quality solar panels in the garden, check if there are no trees and bushes around the panels.

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So, a higher quality solar panel will be best for you if you want to use only solar energy in the future without damaging the environment.

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