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How to Organize Your Home Before Having Overnight Guests

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Having overnight guests can be so much fun. However, last-minute cleaning and organizing can be overwhelming, especially if you’re having guests unexpectedly. While you want to feel at ease, you also want to present a well-organized house and ensure your guests are perfectly comfortable and feel at home.

Preparing your home for guests doesn’t always have to be an overwhelming process. Hosting guests take some preparation but don’t stress or drive yourself crazy. Here are simple last-minute tips to help you clear up and organize your home and make it guest-ready.

Declutter Your Guest Room

If you rarely host visitors, your guest room probably serves as extra storage space. Declutter, clean, and give your guest room closet and linen a final once-over. Ensure everything is in place and the room is not a stash zone.

Once your guest room is clean and clear from clutters, take time to review your guest room and ensure everything is in order. Here’s a checklist to help you add a touch of hospitality to your guest room:

  • Add clean linen
  • A nightstand with a light by the bed
  • A fan for those who need it to sleep or control the room temperature
  • Towels, preferably one face towel and two body towels
  • A water bottle and some snacks they love
  • Extra pillows and bedding. An extra blanket is an excellent idea in case your guests get cold.

Make Your Guest Room Bathroom Spotless and Comfortable to Use

If you’re having overnight guests, you want them to feel comfortable, which certainly cannot happen if the bathroom or hot tub is not clean. Make the guest’s bathroom sparkle by wiping down the counters and clearing the clutter off the bathroom vanity.

Clear out your items from the guest bathroom, so you don’t have your guests tiptoeing around your items as they use the bathroom. Also, remove all the toiletries on the counters and organize them on bathroom shelves for a tidy look.

Lastly, ensure that the toilet has all the toiletries a guest needs, such as soap, shampoo, toilet paper, and other bathroom essentials that will make your guests feel loved and comfortable.

Clean the Entryway and Declutter Your Coat Closet

The entryway is the first place your guest will see, so you must keep it neat. An organized and clean entryway will set the stage for the rest of your house.

First impressions matter, so keeping your entryway tidy is essential. Take time to review your front and side doors and ensure they’re all clean and organized. If your doormat is dusty, shake it out and clean down the door and the entrance floor.

Once your entryway is clean and organized, declutter your coat closet. In most homes, the coat closet is often where every small appliance is stashed. Move everything to its proper places and let the coat closet remain just for coats.

While decluttering, remember to remove your old hangers that are taking up space but can’t support the weight of the heavy coats. Replace them with sturdy hangers to accommodate your guest’s coats.

Declutter and Tidy Up Your Living Room

If you have overnight guests, you’ll probably fit more people in your living area, so ensure you declutter your living room and make it comfortable. You can have some books, magazines, or other entertainment available in the living room to keep your guests occupied, so they don’t get bored.

In addition, provide your guests with your Wi-Fi password, so they are connected with the rest of the world. Add extra throw blankets and pillows, so everyone feels comfortable and cozy in your home.

Clean, Organize and Stock Up Your Kitchen

Clean and tidy up your kitchen and stock it up with food for your guests. Ask your guests whether they want anything specific to drink or eat, and stock it up. Ensure that you stock other food staples you think they’ll need and organize them to be easily accessible.

Have different breakfast options for your guests; for instance, you can have coffee, milk, tea, and water available to avoid limiting your guests. You can also create a meal plan before your guests arrive. It will ensure enough food for your guests and allow you more time to enjoy yourself with them.

Prepare a Place for Your Guests to Unpack

Having a designated area where guests can unpack their bags will make your home more organized and prevent their bags from getting mixed up or lost.

If you don’t have a dresser and a closet that the guests can use in the guest room, consider setting up a place where your guests can set up their bags or suitcase for easy access to their items.

Do a Final Walkthrough to Ensure Everything Is in Its Rightful Place

After clearing and cleaning up all your clutter zones, consider a final walkthrough to ensure everything is in its proper place and there’s no random thing such as a pair of shoes lying around.

Keep your kid’s toys in one place, fold your living room’s throw blankets, put away your remote controls and stray magazines, and fluff or plump your pillows to make your sofa look amazing before your guests arrive.

You can also light some candles and put on some music to set a good mood. Candles replace residual odors and help create a welcoming aroma and a perfect atmosphere that will make your guests feel comfortable and welcome.

Are You Overwhelmed? Relax and Hire a Professional Organization to Help!

Having overnight guests over unexpectedly can be an overwhelming experience. Even though having guests over is often a fun experience, it can be stressful sometimes, especially if you have to tidy up at the last minute and still want your guests to feel good and comfortable.

You don’t have to get frustrated or stressed anymore! Several professional organizers can help you tidy and organize your home for your overnight guests. Here are some of the top reputable professional organizers that can help you prepare for your overnight guests in person or virtually:

Additionally, you can make a quick Google search for the top professional organizers in your area. With a professional organizer’s help, all you have to do is relax, have a great time with your guests, and enjoy!

Closing Thoughts

So, whether you’re tackling the project solo or hiring a professional to help, these tips will get your home guest-ready in no time. And don’t forget – even if everything isn’t perfect, your guests will appreciate your efforts and be happy to relax and enjoy their stay! Is there anything else you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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