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How to organize your office move?


Having a moving checklist and a strategy to do things is the best way to stay organized. But every move is unique in its way therefore the checklist will also be different. Your priority while making a checklist is to cover all the moving-related tasks within a set frame of time and budget. If you are interested to know the tips that will help you to stay organized and system during the process then check out this guide.

  • Decide the services you want: If you are going to hire one of the best out-of-state moving companies associated with Moving Feedback or Three Movers for the entire moving process then it will be the responsibility of the mover’s team to handle the entire moving process and related tasks also. This will save a lot of your time as well as the time of your team. Once you have selected the right company out of the heap, they will come with a great strategy of moving everything from your house plants to the major stuff on each desk and will look after all the tasks.
  • Plan before execution: Moving requires a lot of planning and appropriate strategies before the moving process. Create a timeline along with the tasks you have to complete in that specific period and start the planning process as soon as possible. If it is a large office move then the entire process will take around one year while if it is a short office move then three to four months are enough in preparing and executing the process.
  • Inform your employees as soon as possible: If it is a long-distance move then you should discuss everything about your employees before you decide to move. If you have taken the decision then discuss all with the employees like the relocation packages and all the compensation they will get. If they have any concerns regarding the moving process then you should also consider these. You can keep your employees informed during the entire process via several ways like emails, posted notices, announcements, and so on.
  • Purge your office: The less the stuff you will have to relocate the easy the relocation process will be. So, get rid of everything extra you have. Make an inventory and determine the items you won’t require. To do this, you have to make an inventory based on an area like take one area at a time and move further. If you have not used an item in the last present year then low the chances that you will require this in the future. So selling, donating, and gifting these are just the best way to move with the less possible stuff and to make your move more organized.
  • If possible then assign employees the task of packing their desk and items: Even when you have hired a good professional company to take care of all the big stuff but if you put the responsibility of the items to their prospective employees then it will make the entire process more organized and will reduce your headache and stress. Try to encourage them and start giving them a few hours off before the moving process to get prepared for the move and to get their desks for packing. Also, while packing, make sure you label each desk and its belongings with the name of the employee so there will be no confusion and the same employee will use all the belongings before and after moving.
  • Consider preparing proper layout of your new office: Before relocation, you should consider preparing the proper layout of the new office so you can decide which furniture pieces can fit into the new space therefore bringing all the items along with you is not a great idea. You can take the help of professionals in designing in great layout for your new office. It will also help you to know where your things will go after moving.
  • Don’t forget labelling: Labeling is the most important element to stay organized while many people don’t pay much attention to it. Get a good marker that is easy to use and label all the packed boxes so that handling of these boxes becomes easier. Also, labeling them ensures you that which box will be placed at what place in the new office. It will make the entire unpacking easier and the entire moving process more efficient.
  • Start the process of updating documents with the new address: It is always a great option to update the documents with the new address earlier rather than later so place your orders for new business cards, envelopes, letterhead, and for all the other required things in which the address should be updated soon. If your client’s ship items frequently then inform them about your new address and try to notify your customers as well about your new address.

Wrapping it all up!!! 

Moving is not an easy job to do because it involves a lot of tasks to complete in a short duration from setting up plants shelves to technology systems. Just deciding on moving office is challenging in its way and hopefully, you have decided after considering all the aspects. Just follow all the above tips to stay efficient and organized during your moving process.

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