10 Easy Ways To Repurpose Old Stuff

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It’s unavoidable that every home has its own pile of stuff they probably don’t use or need anymore. Since these things don’t have any value for them, they may either stock them in their attic or basement or just leave some of these things lying around the house. Some may also have no time to deal with them as they’re either too busy or they’re feeling sentimental every time the idea of getting rid of them crosses their minds. Unfortunately, keeping things you no longer need can only clutter your living space and enclosed patios.

With creativity and a list of ideas for inspiration, there are plenty of ways you can still make use of your old stuff. Reusing your old stuff won’t only help minimize your clutter around the house, but you’re also helping save the environment by minimizing waste. So, if you want to get rid of clutter in the most eco-friendly way, repurposing should be your goal.

To get started, here are ten easy ways you can repurpose and upcycle your old stuff:

1. Donate Old Stuff

The easiest way to repurpose and recycle your old stuff is by simply donating them. You don’t need to do any DIY craft to donate your stuff. Think of donating as reusing your old stuff, only that they’re reused by other people who need them more than you do. So, take out an empty box or two and fill them up with all the items you no longer need, but are still usable. You may opt to donate your old stuff to charities, support groups, and other organizations aiming to help people and families in need.

Meanwhile, if you have no time to drive and drop the boxes yourself, you can always call for a donation pickup service, and they’ll be the ones to pick up your donation boxes and take them to charities of your choice. Some services would even offer free pickup. For example, if you’re within LA, California, they may offer Los Angeles free donation pickup from your home. So, start packing up your old stuff and start donating.

2. Toilet Paper Rolls As Organizers

Most households use toilet paper in their daily lives. Toilet papers are part of the necessities as they’re useful in so many ways. But, once you run out of toilet paper, you’re left with nothing but the toilet paper rolls.

Instead of dumping them on trash bins right away, you can repurpose your toilet paper rolls by using them as organizers for your cables and chords. Gather all toilet paper rolls you have and arrange them together in one shoebox. Then, utilize each roll as a container for one chord or cable.

3. Ketchup Bottles As Pancake Makers

Instead of throwing your empty ketchup bottles as soon as they run out of sauce, you may reuse them into pancake makers. You only need to clean your empty ketchup bottles thoroughly. Then, fill them with your pancake mixture and use them to squirt and create mini pancake shapes. Not only are you repurposing your ketchup bottles, but you’re also making your breakfast preparation a lot easier and quicker.

4. Wrenches Into Wall Hooks

For handymen out there who are looking for ways to get rid of their old wrenches, don’t throw them away just yet. Instead, you may repurpose them by using them as wall hooks. You may tell your partner not to buy new wall hooks as you can bend your old wrenches into curves and attach them to your walls.

5. Tires Into Swings

If you have some old tires hanging around your garage, you can bet that these tires will eventually pile up and take most of your garage’s space. Instead of throwing or burning them (which is definitely a bad idea), you may repurpose them and make use of them as swings for your kids.

6. Picture Frames Into Serving Trays

Some of the most common decoration pieces you may find hidden in your basement or attic are old and broken picture frames. You’re not using these picture frames because either they’re outdated, have broken glass, or they don’t blend well with your home’s new aesthetic.

One way to repurpose these picture frames is by using them as serving trays. Now, you have trays you can use to carry your teapots and cups, as well as quickly serve some tea to your house guests.

7. Gloves Into Stuffed Animals

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If your newly bought gloves only lasted for a while before they got damaged, you can repurpose them by turning them into cute stuffed animals. This project will be perfect all year round, especially during the Christmas season when it’s time to give away stuffed toys to your kids, nieces, and nephews. To pull this off, you may need to have a bit of hand sewing knowledge, or watch tutorials online about DIY stuffed animals.

8. Broken Bed Into A Bench

If you have a broken bed kept in your basement or garage, you can repurpose the footboard and headboard by turning them into an actual bench. You only need to attach them together to create a corner bench for your living room, patio, or outdoor space. To make them look new, you can paint them with any color, which you think would blend well with your home’s aesthetic.

Once done, you can add finishing touches, such as cushions, throw pillows, and blankets for the comfort of your family and other house guests. So, for homeowners looking for a new seating option, buy no more and start upcycling your broken beds.

9. Broken Silverware And Glassware Into Wind Chimes

Do you have broken silverware and dishes you can’t muster to throw away due to their sentimental value? Or, perhaps, you have some old glassware that you no longer use, but still keep for no reason.

Instead of debating in your head whether to throw them out or keep them in, why not repurpose them into wind chimes? For this project, you only need to hang those old or broken silverware together to create wind chimes, then display them on your porch or outside your windows.

By doing such, you won’t only be saving yourself from throwing expensive and sentimental pieces, but you’ll also be adding beautiful and unique decorations to your home. You can also do the same project for other broken household items, which you think can create sounds whenever the wind blows them.

10. Baby Clothes Into Memory Quilt

It’s often hard to get rid of your children’s baby clothes as every single one of them holds a special memory for you. Even the option of donating them can be hard to wrap your mind around, too.

One way to repurpose your children’s baby clothes without giving or throwing them away is by cutting them into smaller fabric pieces and stitching them into a big memory quilt. You can use this quilt as blankets for yourself or your kids.


It turns out that repurposing your old stuff is possible in so many ways, and the ideas presented above are only some of them. Now that you have this list, you may start digging into your attic, garage, or basement, and see which items you can repurpose into new and functional decorations and furniture pieces.

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