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How To Safely Remove Large Appliances From Your Home


If you have an old refrigerator or dishwasher that requires replacement, getting rid of it is not a simple task. Appliances are bulky and large, making their removal a challenging and costly undertaking. Whether you’re replacing the old ones or planning a major overhaul, there are ways to remove them from your home. Let’s check out these ways.

Dumpster rental

For those on a budget yet eager to dispose of old appliances, a dumpster rental might be affordable. A roll-off dumpster is a quick way to dispose of your devices and other junk around the house. You can also employ a flatbed trucking service to come to remove and transport the old appliance for you!

You can quickly load the appliances into the bin. The dumpster rental company will haul it away once you complete the decluttering task. The best part is that the dumpster stays with you as long as necessary until you finish your project. Because a roll-off dumpster is also useful in throwing out other junk along with your old appliances, it’s a good option for clean-ups or renovations.

Hire a junk removal service

Today, dealing with junk or trash on your property is a breeze with the help of junk removal companies. Most companies will accept old appliances for disposal or recycling.

With this option, you can get rid of your old and large appliances in the best way possible. In case you’re disposing of other junk too, check out the service rates as these depend on the space your items take up. However, if you only have two or three large appliances to throw out, you can read more about getting rid of dishwashers here.

Drop-off at the dump

If you have the time, and you’re eager to remove your old appliances from your house, you can dump them at the landfill. You can handle the removal task and dispose of them straight to the dump. Throwing your old appliances at landfills or transfer stations usually requires a small fee.

When disposing of a refrigerator or other cooling units, you should drain the refrigerants before disposal. However, most facilities can handle this task for you. Lastly, for safety reasons, you should securely strap your appliances before hauling them away. In some landfills, you’re required to remove or tape the appliance doors before throwing them away. The goal is to save space by making an appliance compact. With this in mind, you can check with your local dump for details before bringing your old devices.

Local municipal pick-up

You can also check if your city offers collection and recycling services for the disposal of large appliances. You need to schedule the removal in advance, along with a moderate fee in addition to your regular trash bill.

However, this option is not available in all areas. With this in mind, you should get in touch with the local municipal waste agency or the department of public works in your locality. You can learn more details on what to do with your old appliances by calling them or checking online.

Online listing

In case you have appliances to throw away, such as an old boiler, an option is to list them online. Take note that locals who gather scrap metal might be ready to pick up your old appliances for free. If you want to eliminate your appliances, you can always suggest to pay for the fuel cost. It’s the right choice if you have enough space to hold your old appliances until interested individuals pick them up.

When your old washer or refrigerator is still functional, listing them online is also a convenient way to dispose of them. Some can benefit from your old appliances as they are still in working order. Aside from freeing up space in your house, your appliances will have a chance to serve in a new home.


When you have old appliances in your house that are still functional, a good option is to donate them. There are national charities that often accept working machines and might even offer pick-up services. Don’t forget to check if the local charities in your area accept appliances as well.

Get in touch with your utility company

In certain areas, utility companies might offer appliance recycling services. Consider this as a good option if you want to remove your old appliances from your house. The good part is that you might receive a refund, waiver, or even cash for your appliances.

There’s a catch that you should know of though. Most of the utility companies will only accept freezers and refrigerators. Also, some might offer to pick up cooling or heating units.


Old appliances in your house can take up space especially the larger ones like best zero turn mowers. If you want to free up space so that you can welcome new upgrades, you should find ways to remove large appliances from your house. Whether your refrigerator or dishwasher is still working or no longer functional, you can consider these removal methods. Depending on the option you will choose, you can get rid of large appliances in no time.

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