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How to Remove Mesh Gutter Guards

How to Remove Mesh Gutter Guards

There are plenty of modern techniques used by humans to get things done easily and accurately, when it comes to getting home protected by rain one of the best techniques is building gutters so that the rainwater runs down the roof easily, also to avoid different particles like dry leaves dirt, etc.

This can affect the flow of water we use gutter guards but when we need to clean the gutter usually during the autumn, we face difficulty and one question always arises that how to remove gutter guards.

The gutter guards are used to protect the gutter and their paths to be unaffected by different kinds of stuff. The gutter guards play a vital role in keeping the flow of the gutter during the rainy season and it let gutter in working despite we don’t clean them for a long time as the guards make them secure from the derbies, the guards are placed to cover the gutter and need to be removed while cleaning so how to remove gutter guards is a big question.

There are a lot of different aspects about how to remove gutter guards let’s find some important aspects they are:

1. Why Gutter Guards Need to Be Removed

This is the main aspect of the question: how to remove gutter guards as before knowing how it is being done it is important to know why it is being done. So why do we remove gutter guards needs to be removed, the removal of gutter guards has several important and necessary needs. One of the biggest needs to remove gutter guards is to find out if the path of the gutter is in the right structure or not, like to find that the path and the tin or metal structure are in the right shape.

Another reason to remove the gutter guards is to clean the gutter which can be filled with dirt and another kind of substances that can sneak in even after the guards are placed on the gutters, so the main aim of removing the gutter guards is to clean the path of raining water clear and unaffected for which the gutter and the path needs to be cleaned properly, the big derbies like dry leaves, etc. we’re not entered in the gutter when the guards are placed on it but the dirt and another small substance needs to be clean by removing the gutter guards.

2. Different Ways to Remove Gutter Guards

Different Ways to Remove Gutter Guards

There are several different ways to remove the gutter guards placed on the gutter to protect the path and the flow of rainwater. The basic difference between the different ways to remove

The gutter guards are the type of gutter guards placed or fixed with the guards. There are different kinds of gutter guards like Perforated Gutter Guards, Metal-Mesh Gutter Guards, Foam Gutter Guards, Brush Gutter Guards, etc. Every gutter guard has its own way to get removed and cleaned but the basic process is the same for all.


For removing different gutter guards, we need some of the basic equipment’s which will be the same for all the gutter guards. The equipment needed is a ladder for reaching the gutter guards, a powerful cordless drill/ screwdriver for removing screws, a source of water, cleaning drop cloth for dropping the derbies. All these are the basic requirements and almost mandatory in most cases.

So now the process is simple we need to reach the gutter guards with the help of a ladder, after reaching the gutter guards we must identify the type of the gutter guards as it will make it easy the rest process, generally the perforated gutter guards and the metal mesh gutter guards are fixed with the set of screws, so in these cases, you must find out where the screw is placed and then with the help of a screwdriver or cordless machine open the sets of the screw and place the drop cloth on the ground just below the gutter guard and then remove the gutter guards.

screw driver

In the case of brush or foam gutter guards it is easy as we need to reach and just take them off on drop cloths as general foam and brush gutter guards are placed and set within the structure without screws so it is easier as compared to others and also it can be easily cleaned.

After the removal and cleaning, you can reinstall the gutter guards as earlier or can replace them with new ones in case of damage or obsoleteness.

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