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How to Write a Real Estate Bio: An Ultimate Guide

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Bio is one of the main texts for the real estate website, no matter the company you are or a single agent. So there is a lot of responsibility and a little pressure when you need to write it. Let’s see how essay experts from WriteMyPaperHub create excellent bio content from scratch and how their guidelines help you with your writing.

The Importance of Real Estate Bio

A biography is a place where your personal brand expresses the most. And the power of the personal brand is constantly emphasized by marketers. It is well known that clients prefer buying from companies which they trust and which bring positive emotions. For example, we still remember and love the Coca-Cola New Year commercial after all this time.

In the list of services on your website, your potential clients will see only dry (though useful) facts. But in the bio, you have an opportunity to share with them why you do what you do, what your motivators are, what you want to achieve, and also build a connection between you and them. All this is extremely important for unknown real estate companies or agents, for which bio is also a chance to make a nice first impression.

In What Form Your Bio Should Be

The best and the most popular form of real estate bio is a story. It is not necessary to create a wonderful fairytale; it is up to you to make this story cozier or more strict (think what emotions you want to cause). Still, it must be linked text with an intro, events and maybe even intrigues.

Before you start writing, define the main sense of your story and what the brightest events are. For example, it is not necessary to mention your childhood in a common bio, but if there were a fun or critical situation, which led you to become a real estate agent, then write about it.

And here are the tips to make your text great.

Tips for Best Writing

#1 Content Must Be Scannable

Scannable means that a user must have an opportunity not to read all text but just watch it and catch the main points. It is possible only if the bio has headings and subheadings, numbered and bulleted lists, separate paragraphs, even highlighted sentences sometimes. But add these tricks wisely:

  • Every heading must briefly describe what a user will read below in it.
  • Lists must be used only for similar short points, enumerations or steps.
  • Paragraphs must consist of a maximum of 5 lines but fully disclose the main thought.
  • There must be only 2-3 highlighted sentences.

#2 Keep Balance Between Usefulness and Entertainment

If you write too dryly, people get bored. Still, if you include too many moments just for fun, there is a risk of losing the main sense of bio. Better firstly describe facts and then add jokes and easy figures of speech to bring your story to life.

#3 Do Not Write General Things

If you had read the text and suddenly realized that you could place it not just on your website but at any resource, not necessarily even real estate one (after changing a few moments in it), it means you have written a bad text. The main problem with such content is there is no originality. You write, “I’ve always wanted to work as a real estate agent,” and it sounds boring even if it is true. Change it to the sentence about how you first heard about real estate and why it sounded interesting to you.

#4 Write Simpler

Your potential clients can be different people, and your goal is to make your bio understandable for everyone. But even for the smartest readers, it is pleasantly easier to read simple text than push through the maze of the run-on sentences. If you notice that some moments are too long, split them into 2-3 sentences. Or delete at all.

#5 If You Can Show Instead of Describing, Then Show

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. Still, in 2020 it is more appropriate to say that a video’s worth a thousand words. Anyway, why try to describe a beautiful house or the smiles of satisfied clients if you can just show them? (Of course, if it does not break anybody’s privacy). Illustrations, gifs and videos make the bio more engaging and scannable, too (see point #1). And for people with a bad Internet connection, always add brief descriptions about your patio, garden, storage, swimming pool, and recent renovations.

#6 Use More Examples and Facts

Both examples and facts increase loyalty to you and help readers understand better what you are writing about. For example, you write, “now we have a lot of clients.” Well, the amount “a lot of” is too abstract, isn’t it? Better switch it to the “in 2020 we have already cooperated with 9,000 clients.” And the reader can conclude that this is a big number by himself.

#7 Do Not Sell in Bio

The last tip is that you have to remember that you write a bio, i.e. the story about your path, personality and motivation. This is a wrong place to mention how to contact you “in case you want real estate help” or to list your services. If your readers enjoy your story, they will find your contacts and the list of your services themselves. Do not push on them.

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