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HVAC Pet Owners: How to Maintain Your Heating & Cooling with Furry Friends

HVAC Pet Owners: How to Maintain Your Heating & Cooling with Furry Friends

Having cats and dogs in your house warms the environment and comforts the entire household. We all love our furry family members dearly, but sometimes their fur and dander can wreak havoc on allergies, air quality, and even your HVAC system. If you suffer from allergies or are allergic to pet hair, you understand how frustrating it can be to deal with it daily. Your heating and air conditioning suffer from the same kind of allergies, and although your pets want to do nothing more than bring joy to the home – they can still create poor air quality and HVAC functions.

Working with local heating and air conditioning companies in Los Angeles is beneficial for maintaining your HVAC unit when you have pets properly. Maintenance is crucial to ensuring your systems are in good working order, upkeep and circulate the air quality in your home and help prevent the side effects of pet hair and dander. There are many things LA homeowners can do to support the functions of their HVAC systems and improve the air quality in their life.

Brush, Brush & Brush Some More

You may already spend a lot of time grooming your pet, but there is always more space for grooming. Brushing and combing your cat or dog’s hair should be done regularly. It is healthy for your HVAC systems and provides ease and comfort to your pet and some extra snuggles! There is no harm in giving your dog or cat a little bit of extra TLC.

The more fur you can get off your furry companion, the less hair on your carpet, floors, and floating around in the air. Less air hair creates a better situation for your air filter and HVAC systems. You can also consider contacting a mobile groomer you can call over when your pet is too fluffy. It is always best to get them brushed and washed outside or outside of the home, so all the other fur doesn’t end up on the ground or scattered around your home.

Upgrade the Quality of Your Air Filters

Air filters are necessary for your home and the proper functioning of your HVAC unit. Pet hair and dander are the biggest culprits for clogging up air filters, and a house with pets requires a better air filter than one without because of how quickly things can get dirty and require changing or replacing. Switching out your current air filter for something with a higher MERB rating will help filter your air, and they last longer.

You can do a little research online to check out the best air filter for your property, but it is a general rule that a pet-free home would use an air filter with a MERV 5-8. With pets, it is best to use an air filter that is MERV 10-12. The higher the MERV rating, the easier it is for your new filter to trap extra particles, small pieces of pet hair, dander, etc. It should help to improve allergens overall and assist your HVAC unit in the running to the best of its ability.

Switch Out Filters as Frequently as Possible

Speaking of air filters…you still will need to change your filters. Most filters have a recommendation of every 3-4 months for changing. When you have pets, that changes everything, but this is also something you can take as it comes. If you notice your AC isn’t running as strong as it usually would – the first thing you should do is check out the filter. Air filters can quickly become clogged up and dirty, and pet hair only multiplies that issue.

Try changing your air filters every two months or so – see if that helps to create change in your household. Remember that different air filters have different requirements, so you should always check the recommendations for your specific filter before taking it upon yourself to change things out; however, it is simple to judge by looking at the filter whether a change is required.

Keep a Barrier or Fence Around Your Outdoor AC Unit

Dogs and cats are some of the best companions, but when you commit to being a pet owner, you also commit to the responsibilities that come with it. Animals are much different than children, yet many of us treat them as our kids, and parents also prioritize their kids. They need time outside, exercise, food, water, open spaces to roam, treats, toys, and lots of love. When it comes to an outdoor AC unit – this can pose a danger, risk, and curiosity for your pets, and there are some boundaries you need to put in place to ensure the safety of your pets and your HVAC systems.

If your pet gets curious and rubs up on your AC unit, they are essentially spreading all that hair into the condenser and throughout the rest of the home for constant circulation. If your dog needs to use the bathroom and finds solace in your AC system, that urine will do the same – and neither of these situations is something you want for your household. Create an extended barrier or fence around the outside of your unit to protect the system and maintain distance for your furry family members.

Clean & Vacuum

Keeping your house clean and tidy is another way to ensure your HVAC system’s general health and wellness. Since so much pet hair, debris, and dust floats around, it all ends up in your carpet, on the counters, walls, and floors. Cleaning will benefit your aesthetics, natural surroundings, and the overall feeling of your home on a hot summer day – because it also helps your AC unit!

Double Up on Professional HVAC Maintenance

Committing to regular maintenance with professional technicians is the best way to ensure your HVAC systems run smoothly and efficiently. This takes the added stress off your shoulders and places it in the hands of HVAC experts who know what they are doing and how to provide additional options and services if required. Pet fur doesn’t need to be the root of all evil; it can easily be swept to the side and healthily managed with routine check-ups and additional cleaning.

Universal Heating and Air are a locally owned and operated HVAC company out of Los Angeles, California – servicing residents and commercial businesses of the Golden State. Universal HVAC provides many different maintenance options and flexibility in scheduling – just in case you decide to add a new cat or dog to the bunch!

By reaching out for assistance and routine inspections from professionals, you can avoid the need for costly repairs, further maintenance, and added responsibilities on your part. So, snuggle up on the couch with your favorite furry friend and relax; there are many ways to manage your HVAC unit operations because, with the help of professionals, you have nothing to fear!

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