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Insulation Options for an Outside Enclosed Patio

What Insulation Should Be Used for An Outdoor Enclosed Porch or Patio

An enclosed patio is a covered area adjacent to or near a house. It can be designed or made of poured concrete, paving stones or pavers, bricks, or any other material proposed to offer a flat and solid or stable foundation.

A patio can be thought of as an outer or outdoor platform, and it can be encased or enclosed in several ways, which comprises screen rooms, fabric drop curtains, and sunroom (or also known as Patio Room).

How to Insulate or Enclose an Outdoor Enclosed Patio or Porch

Insulate or Enclose an Outdoor Enclosed Patio or Porch

If your patio or porch is not heated, then you may have to discover an alternative approach to heat it if you decide to proceed and insulate the porch or the enclosed patio. The big advantage of insulating an encased or enclosed front patio is that it will intercept the cold air from seeping into your enclosed patio or porch.

When insulating an encased patio or porch, you want to think about insulating not only just the walls but also the ceiling surface and floor surface.

By following these steps, you can insulate the outdoor enclosed patio: –

Step 1: To keep the cold out from your house, you’ll require thermally efficient polished windows and doors. If your patio is enclosed or encased by screens, then you can exchange the screens with the standard glass panels or can also add glass panels all-around on top of the screens.

Always ensure that the seals between the glass frame and the glass are all tight. If you sensate any air coming in, you should obtain some rolled insulation foam or fabric material to fit into the openings of the patio. You can also utilize Polyurethane Sealant. These bulky curtains keep the room warm and also help to prevent cold winds from entering the room.

Step 2: The subsequent step in the insulation project is the floor surface. If the floor surface is composed of wooden material, check the gap between the wooden blocks or slabs. If you see something like this, you’ll have to proceed the same way above. Although with flooring, it has to be fastened or sealed with insulation foam.

If you want to spend an extra amount of money on it, then you can shred the wooden floor and install the strips of insulation and place a fresh floor surface on top of it. If you have a sufficient amount of money to do so, then it would look nice and insulate the floor more than simply fastening the gaps or openings between the cracks with the insulated foam.

Step 3: If you have the money and time to invest in it, also consider insulating the ceiling area of the enclosed patio or porch. It’s a bit more difficult to handle because you’ll require a venting space in the patio. It should be between the bottom layer of the roof covering (or also known as Roof Sheathing) and the layer of insulation.

If you have a slanted ceiling area, the opening space will always be there, so all you have to do is get the insulation foam in place. If not, you’ll likely need to hire a constructor where you would put the insulation.

Advantages of using an Enclosed Patio or Porch

Advantages of using an Enclosed Patio or Porch

Having an enclosed patio in your house is a great entertaining space where you can relax or just go to enjoy a moment of comfort and peace by reading a book or taking a cup of coffee. It is also a spot for small kids to play and can also be used as an additional space for the guests and other family members when you are hosting a huge family gathering party in your house. If you have a pole barn instead, which can be used similarly, you might want to consider pole barn insulation as well.

The walls of the porch are generally screened to protect you from tiresome or uncooperative weather conditions and pests. With an enclosed insulated patio or porch in your house, you’ll have a spot to go and enjoy the outside beauty of nature without having to outside from your house.


Just think about the advantages and disadvantages of having an insulated enclosed porch or patio and then make your decision based on your budget for it and how much amount it will use during the insulation of the enclosed porch. For many people, an outdoor enclosed patio can mean different things. For some people, it is a spot to enjoy and hang out in the summer to relish the warm weather conditions but for some individuals, it is a place to protect their house from unwanted things.

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