Is bigger better? 12 Foot vs. 14 Foot Trampoline for 2021

Is bigger better? 12 Foot vs. 14 Foot Trampoline 2020

You must be wondering what size of Trampoline I need to get. The reason behind this question might be the size like what size would be the best for your kid. Well, check out this fantastic size guide of 12 Foot vs. 14 Foot Trampoline 2021 that will let you know if bigger is better. 

It would help if you considered various major things while buying a Trampoline that will fit in your jumping zone or garden area. It would help if you contemplated that the area where you are going to place the Trampoline needs to be free from any close by hindrances or objects that could lead to harm to any kid. In addition to this, your Trampoline needs to be ideal for the kids who are going to use it. 

Now, it is time to know what the various things are you can get with a 14-Foot Trampoline and you cannot get with a 12-Foot one. 

You must have discovered that there are various sizes of trampolines. However, you should know what the ideal size is for you. Well, most of the trampolines having the same brand have similar regulations and standards. Also, there are very few differences in the sizes of the same brands. 

It would help if you considered first that there is any sufficient room at your place to fit the 14-foot diameter trampoline. In the event your answer is no, and then the decision is final. Keep on reading if the 14 foot will fit at your place. 

Here you go with the five factors that you need to consider between 12-foot and 14-foot Trampoline. 

Larger Mat for Jumping 

Large Mat for Jumping

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Well, as the 14 foot itself says, it has the larger diameter for jumping mat. The diameter is 148 inches for a 14-foot jumping mat. The diameter is 125 inches for 12 foot jumping mat. It is not always sure that a larger mat can allow more people to jump at one time because of the weight restrictions. But, indeed, it avoids the fear of collision as it offers more jumping space. As a result, more people can jump on the 14-foot Trampoline vs. 12-foot trampoline. 

It is suggested to go with the larger mat in the event you have a cheerleader or gymnast who wants to practice their tumbling. Gymnast will finish the trick securely with the 14-foot Trampoline as it offers more space. You can end up facing the risk of insufficient space and landing on springs in a 12-foot trampoline. The larger one is ideal for a tumbler. 

So, it is highly recommended to go with a rectangular or larger trampoline for a cheerleader or a gymnast. 

More Springs 

Next comes the turn of springs. Well, there may be some difference in the number of springs of 12 foot vs. 14-foot Trampoline. On the larger Trampoline, some of the brands have more springs. On the contrary, some of the brands will not change the number of springs from the 12 foot vs. 14 foot. So, ensure to consider the number of springs before you make a purchase. 

You must be wondering how the more significant number of springs can influence jumping. Well, if your Trampoline has more springs, then you will have a more controlled and higher bounce. In addition to this, it can lead to an effect on the weight limit. 

You can prefer to maintain the bounce down for safety and security concerns that arrive with a higher bounce and buy a 12-ft. Trampoline. 

Higher Limit for Weight 

As already mentioned, the 14-ft or 15 ft. trampoline having more springs can mostly support a higher weight limit than 12 ft. Trampoline. Some of the brands will claim that between the 14 ft. vs. the 12 ft. there is a specific weight limit. Well, do not forget to consider your preferable brand.

Between the 12 ft. vs. 15 ft. trampoline, there is almost always a weight limit difference. For the 12 ft. and 14 ft., most of the brands of the Trampoline have a 330 lbs. Weight limit, however, increases to 375 lbs—the weight limit for 15 ft. or 16 ft. So, before deciding a weight limit, a trampoline company considers various factors.

The weight limit for every size trampoline will not be similar throughout the board. Do not forget to consider the Trampoline’s weight limit for your considerable size before presuming that the larger one has a higher limit for weight. 

Jumper’s Age 

Next thing you need to consider for 14 ft. vs. 12 ft. is the age of individuals who are going to use the Trampoline. Well, the 12 ft. ones are mostly tailored for young kids. The bounce and space provided by 12 feet are perfect for young kids.

On the contrary, the larger space is an ideal option if adults or teenagers are going to use Trampoline. In the event you want to do some tricks, then you should consider rectangular trampolines as it will provide you more space. 

Some more Considerations 

Well, there are more factors to consider apart from just size when you are thinking of buying a trampoline. There are various types of shapes of trampolines incorporating oval, square, rectangular, and square. 

Various companies manufacture trampolines, and such a large number can be dispiriting. The Trampoline’s quality and brand can affect durability, safety, and bounce quality. Make sure that you are putting your resources in that product that is going to last long by considering the best Trampoline’s brands. 

You can go safely by considering a smaller trampoline if you want it for your kids. It is quite common that bigger is not always better. This statement is true when you want a trampoline for toddlers. 

Frequently Asked Questions by Buyers

Should I Need any Gymnastics Experience to use a Trampoline? 

The answer is No. There is no need for any experience as anyone can jump on the Trampoline. Ensure that you are jumping as per your skill set. Do not ever think that you can easily do flips, and you can instantly try it.

Some regular bouncing will be sufficient for a beginning. So, there is no requirement of being a gymnast for the use of a trampoline. In addition to this, you will get various health benefits that are straightly linked to the Trampoline with which you will indeed be convinced. 

Is There any Minimum Age Limit to Use the Trampoline? 

Well, for using the trampolines that are bigger than ten ft., then there is a minimum age limit of 6 years for standard outdoor trampolines. It is highly suggested to go with only those trampolines that are mainly designed for younger kids if you are buying for their use only.

Keep this thing in your mind that trampolines for kids are mostly smaller in size, and one can keep it indoors all the time. However, if you go with a bigger one, it will be fine, but forget that bounce will be high as it needs to be. 

What Size of Trampoline Do I Need? 

Well, it is quite a common question that most people ask who is not aware of the sizing of the Trampoline. You must be wondering that is the 12-foot trampoline quite large for my kid, or is there any significant distinction between the 14 and 15-foot trampoline.

Well, you need to understand that there is not an exact answer to this. What suits you might not suit another individual. So, it would help if you went with the following factors.

Who is Going to use the Trampoline? 

Well, in the event if the bouncer is a small child or toddler, then you do not have to buy 14 foot or giant Trampoline. So, it would be ideal to go with 8 foot and 10-foot Trampoline in that event.

If a trampoline is going to be used by teenagers or older children, then you need to purchase 12-foot trampolines. If the entire family or teenagers want to use it, then a 14-foot trampoline will be ideal for you. 

Do not forget to match the Trampoline’s size with the capabilities and age of your children. Now you need to consider the garden’s size. So, contemplate all these factors, and you will end up buying an ideal size of Trampoline that will cater as per your requirements. 

In Which Shapes Different Trampolines are Available? 

There are various shapes of trampolines available in rectangular, square, oval, round, and octagonal, and each come with its purpose. 

Final Words 

Well, hopefully now you know it is the bigger one better or not. You can now contemplate 12 ft. vs. 14 ft. Trampolines. There is a possibility that you might be thinking that 14 feet are better than the 12 feet.

Do not forget to check the brand while buying any size of the Trampoline in 2021. You cannot distinguish by its size only. Other significant factors can affect your final selection, which incorporates brand and size. So, get one that is ideal for you.

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