6 Signs Your Home Needs an Urgent Sewer Repair


There are a number of home repairs you can surely do on your own, but that does include repairs that involve your plumbing system. Nothing is too small a plumbing problem that you’d think you can handle it alone. A small leak around your water fixture may sound like an easy-to-fix situation, but it can turn into a bigger and costlier problem when not properly and promptly addressed.

A faulty sewer system is one of the major plumbing issues you will encounter as a homeowner. Now, before the plumbing problem gets any worse, call the pros like one from ARS-Rescue Rooter to inspect the system and perform necessary fixes right away.

Here are the 6 signs you need to call a sewer repair:


The drains are moving slowly.

Most people think that slow drains are a simple plumbing problem, something that can be easily fixed by pouring baking soda and white vinegar into the drain. While such a home remedy sure may clear your drain for some time, the problem will keep coming back unless you properly address it. More often than not, a sewer issue is the main cause of your slow drain at home. Call a professional to check for underlying issues, such as a tree root intrusion, cracks, channeling, or misaligned pipe connection.

You’re starting to smell sewage around your home.

Among the common signs of sewer damage is an unhealthy smell around your home. The smell usually comes from the backyard, in your bathroom, and down your basement. Sewage smell is not only unpleasant and disturbing but also hazardous to you and your family’s health. Methane, one of the primary sewage gases, can cause headaches, nausea, suffocation, and loss of consciousness. It is also highly flammable.

Sewage smell is not something to ignore. You need to call the attention of professional plumbers to look into the sewer problem right away before your family gets sick.

There’s mold growth on your walls.

At first sight of mold and mildew growth in walls and ceilings, homeowners usually put the blame on rainwater damage or failing air conditioning. This could be a sign of a bigger problem in your plumbing system. A damaged or cracked sewer pipe can lead to humidity increase inside your home, which in turn, causes discoloration or mold growth on your walls.

Stop guessing the source of the problem, and get help from licensed and experienced home inspection contractors.

Your water bills keep going up.

If your household water bills keep going up amid the water-saving measures you have been observing at home, you need to start looking at your plumbing system. Leaks could be happening somewhere in your sewer line, wasting water and possibly polluting your home. If not treated immediately, your water bills could skyrocket, and you’ll be facing a more expensive sewer problem.

You’re suddenly dealing with a home infestation.

Are you suddenly noticing more pests and insects running around your home? While infestation may not be commonly related to plumbing problems, you need to consider it as the source of the problem, especially if you have previously experienced the other mentioned warning signs. Rodents, cockroaches, bugs, and flies are attracted to sewage and can get through cracked or broken pipes into your home.

You may call a pest control company to eliminate pests and insects in your residential property. However, if the sewage pipe break remains unfixed, you can’t expect the infestation to completely go away.

There’s a lush green lawn outside your home.

A lush green lawn outside your home is not something to be thankful for all the time. Sometimes, the healthy lawn could be telling you about a worse plumbing problem underground. Leaking sewage turns out to be a great fertilizer for your lawn. Still, it’s bad news for your home, and you need to act immediately before your family’s health is put at risk.

Why you should never delay your household’s plumbing repairs

Don’t take plumbing issues lightly and always seek the help of professional plumbing services. More importantly, you must address plumbing issues as they occur. Otherwise, you will continue to experience numerous inconveniences at home, including expensive water bills and inconsistent and inadequate water supply. Aside from that, any minor plumbing problem can escalate and grow bigger as the days and weeks pass by. That means costly plumbing repairs or worst, a need for complete plumbing system replacement.

If you have plans of selling your residential property in the future, investing in quality plumbing will let you settle for a higher price and sell your property twice or thrice easier for example, if you have a gutter guards then you can change it with amerimax gutter guards for better strength and durability. Talk to a licensed and skilled plumber today for any plumbing repair or restoration you need in your property or your enclosed patio. Many plumbing companies are now offering professional consultations and estimates for free. Inquire at your trusted local plumbing companies today via phone call or set a personal meeting with the team.

Martin Trethewey
With over 20 years of hands-on experience, Martin Trethewey is an experienced professional in practical home solutions. Holding a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, he has an extensive background in systems design and maintenance. He began his career in a leading home solutions firm, quickly establishing himself as an expert in innovative household technologies. He is well-known for his insightful articles and practical advice, for which he has become a trusted voice for homeowners seeking reliable home improvement solutions. He is passionate about the latest home technologies and is deeply involved in community outreach programs.

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