Is It Good Luck to Get Pooped on By a Bird

Is It Good Luck to Get Pooped on By a Bird

We are sure you have experienced at least one annoying bird defecation on yourself or an automobile and wondered why these airborne creatures chose lucky you to be their toilet for the day.

Some birds fearlessly fly indoors and are considered surprise messengers of good fortune and prosperity. Yet, if you consider birds bad omens, learn to catch a bird in your house without harming them, as they are often used as symbols of peace and purity.

Bird symbolisms vary in cultures and represent freedom and blessings from a higher natural force. So before you curse seeing a bird poop on your clothes or car, take a look at some old wives’ tales to know the spiritual meaning of this and perhaps celebrate!

Origin of The Story

Origin of The Story

As a recipient of bird droppings, the general reaction may not seem very pleasant, but it is believed to be auspicious in most cultures and countries. So before you get completely disgusted by this idea, remember that most people consider this digested waste a sign of good health, abundant prosperity, vitality, and forthcoming blessings.

Whether good or bad, there’s a rare chance that the fecal matter may land on you. The odds of this happening are as slim as winning the lottery, so we are unsure whether this is good news for you. Nevertheless, to experience this form of good fortune, you can visit forests, busy roadsides, waterways, and locations where several birds are found.

You can look for specific birds that are considered good luck to improve your chances. Here are some examples listed below:

  • Pigeon and Dove: they represent luck in romantic encounters.
  • Robin: They signify good favor, new beginnings, and happiness.
  • Hummingbird: an inspiring opportunity to follow your dreams.
  • Crane: they personify lifelong dedication and loyalty.
  • Duck: some countries regard them as symbols of love and devotion.
  • Swallow: is known to bring in good fortune and luck.
  • Stork: they symbolize fidelity and family prosperity.
  • Pet birds: they are house-trained and bred for specific purposes. Additionally, they will certainly improve your chances of getting lucky.

Birds are considered supernatural beings and reincarnations or messengers of spiritual guardians, thereby symbolizing freedom and wisdom. However, some birds are bad omens, while their acidic feces are known to carry several diseases. So rather than feeling unpleasant, focus on the positive effects and not worry about the inconvenience.

Besides, you can remove the stink immediately if it bothers you too much. Prepare a cleaning solution using any detergent and sponge the stain to blot out the area until the mark disappears. If you find it difficult to remove the stain, use some hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, soak the sponge, and clean the area quickly.

Unique Meanings in Different Settings

Unique Meanings in Different Settings

Dreaming of a bird crapping can be taken as an opportunity to cleanse your spirit and reflect on your life. While it is considered good luck for a bird to mess up on any part of your body, the superstition does not apply to automobiles. So, as much as you see this as a nuisance, cleaning your vehicle is essential since the acidic content may spoil cars.

There are several beliefs according to different times of the day as well. Being a beneficiary during the early hours of the day can symbolize positive changes in your life. The noon one is a sign of forthcoming wealth. However, as the night dawns, it might mean an unfortunate illness or some harm. Yet this bad luck does not last long, so there is no reason to worry.

From a cultural perspective, Catholics consider birds angels in disguise, Hindus beckon them as a sign of spiritual awakening, and Muslims believe bird droppings bring good fortune.

Nations like Italy believe God has singled you for a serendipitous advantage. Russians believe bird poop brings financial fortune, and the Turkish go to the extent of buying lottery tickets in the hope of winning. According to some folklore, sailors do not clean ships with bird droppings to avoid washing away the good luck, but British stories caution about dirt and see it as a punishment rather than a blessing.

Despite cultural superstitions, this negative experience is often used as emotional self-defense to invite positive vibes or bring good luck. Since birds fly high above, they are known to have a connection with the higher beings and can be a way to direct us to the right path.

The spiritual significance goes even deeper to suggest that this may indicate reflecting on your life, initiating a new learning opportunity to enhance the current situation, and evaluating major decisions that could lead to self-evolution.

Cleaning the bird droppings also implies that you cleanse yourself literally to renew and transform your life. Besides good luck and perfect health, the droppings inspire a renewed motivation to work on relationships and overcome other challenges in life.

Final Thoughts

Having read this, it is up to you to decide how to use this experience. You can either see this negatively and get rid of the dirt by applying a stain remover skin cleanser and go about your day or delve deeper to reflect on your life situation, evaluate life choices, and understand how to fix things.

You can also believe in folklore and associate yourself with good luck, financial wealth, and abundant prosperity. However, try not to look for birds and merely hope to bring in luck by being a fortunate recipient.

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