Kitchen Remodel – Tearing out the Kitchen


Before You Can Build It – You Have To Tear it Out!
kitchen remodelSo begins the tearing out part of my kitchen remodel and taking care of lawn starts with the best zero turn mower. It is so strange to see your cupboards with no counter top and no sink. This is Jerry Brand of Brand Homes working on taking out the cupboards. They had to take things apart with care. He is using some of this kitchen to help a woman who can’t afford a home – that has MS. Cool huh?

kitchen remodelHere is the other side. It almost looks like a design on the wall where the glue was for the back splash. Are you ready to keep going?

It is almost like my kitchen is stripping you know? lol kitchen remodelEeek gads Edith! Where did my kitchen go? LOL They were having a time getting the microwave off. Evidently there is a safety catch that hooks the microwave to that metal frame. When you first put the microwave up, it enables you to screw it in place without having to worry about it falling. But they couldn’t find the release on this model and had it just sitting there with nothing apparently holding it up. They had taken out all the screws and it had them baffled for a few minutes.

kitchen remodelHere is the other side. The pass-through ledge is gone too.

On the picture below – Ewww… look at that mess! Actually you can see the flooring had been cut out where the sink counter had been. There is water all over from the connections… and then all around it is wet and dirty looking from …. their shoes, the cabinets…. but of course not because there was anything the least bit dirty on my floors! Oh heavens no! (lol… and if you believe that… then I’ve got some property to sell you!)kitchen remodel
I didn’t have any water today, so I knew with this bladder I wouldn’t be able to stay in the house. So I ran some errands and sat at COSI’s eating my favorite salad – their Signature salad. (If you haven’t been to one.. you should go and try that salad.. and no this was not sponsored… but I sure wish they would… LOL!)
Tomorrow… you get to see the new cupboards….. and my best above ground pool.

Sandy Jensen
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