Making Your BBQ The Center Of Your Backyard


A stylish backyard with a beautiful hillside landscaping need a focal point, and a BBQ grill is an excellent choice. A gas or charcoal fired BBQ grill, combined with comfortable seating and shade, provides the perfect setting for your social gathering.

Where to Locate Your BBQ Grill

Safety first! Place your BBQ grill on a clean, flat, solid surface like you get in your enclosed patio. That means not on the grass, not on loose gravel. A cement patio surface is ideal. You want to be clear of low hanging tree branches, hedges, and shrubbery. Also, we recommend your BBQ grill be at least ten feet from the house, garage, deck railings, or any other wooden structure. Your BBQ grill can be located in a shady spot under a big tree, assuming the tree is not one that drops debris.


In addition to the actual BBQ grill, you might want to incorporate some other elements to enhance your backyard gathering space. A portable canopy or two can provide a versatile shade source, and can be relocated as needed when the afternoon sun changes its angle. Solid, sturdy seating is essential, and removable cushions allow you to accent with color and design style while allowing easy cleaning after your event is done. Comfortable seating is a big factor in how much your guests will enjoy their BBQ. Provide plenty of table surfaces for drinks and food. And consider adding a fire pit, to keep the excitement of open flame going after the sun goes down.

Lighting, For Function And Style

We tend to think of BBQ parties as daytime events, but they often carry on into the twilight hours. It is essential that you provide adequate lighting for your guests to safely travel around the yard, and from the yard into the house. Don’t settle for a couple of white floodlights screwed to the side of the house, get artistic. Low height pathway lights add safety while creating atmosphere. And carefully placed overhead lighting in the BBQ grill area can set the mood, while avoiding blinding your guests. Fairy lights in the landscaping or strung overhead give an exciting look. Designed properly, your grill area lighting will keep your guests safe while creating a warm glow.

Grill Gazebos

Consider a Sojag grill gazebo – the ideal centerpiece for your yard. A grill gazebo is basically elements of an outdoor kitchen, combined with the style and elegance of a gazebo. They differ in design from a traditional gazebo, in that the sides are open to allow ventilation to clear the smoke. Your can have built in shelves, seating, and a dining table. Maybe a small refrigerator to keep cold drinks close at hand. And you’ll always be in the shade – no more sweltering in the direct sun as you manage the steaks and burgers.

You can have your grill gazebo incorporated into the design of your deck structure, providing an inviting and protective shelter. You could have a discreet exit around the back side of the grill location, allowing you quick and unobstructed access to the house, for making trips to the kitchen for supplies. A gazebo protects your grill and your guests from weather. You’ll never have to cancel your event because of unexpected rain or a sudden heat wave. In fact, you won’t even have to move your grill into storage for the off season. It’s the perfect centerpiece for your backyard.


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