Top 10 Grammar Tools to improve Your Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Writing involves the flow of ideas to your writing pad, and there is no time to check out the technicalities until you finish. Usually, you will go through the write-up and correct all grammar and technical errors, which are standard no matter your competency level  just like we make a hillside landscaping level by level.  Proofreading is an essential part of creative writing to come out with quality content.

Furthermore, it can be time-consuming, and there are bound to be errors no matter how careful you are in proofreading your content. However, online tools will help creative writers help writers check and fix errors that are present in your work.

Here, we are going to discuss the top online tools that will help you make your write up perfect.

Word counter

Although, as the name implies, it will give you an accurate number of words in your content. Nevertheless, it does more than counting words, for you can view grammar errors in your work and have options to fix them accurately. The word counter is vital when you have to meet up with a specific word count for the given write up. And also, you get to analyze and fix the technical errors in the work.

Citation generator

The citation generator is essential for academic writers who will need to place citations on their work. People who find difficulty in putting citations will find this tool useful as it will provide a professional touch and save you time. All you have to do is give the sources of the content, and the generator will fix it up and submit it quickly.

Paper Fellows

This is a community of writers where they render help to one another in proofreading and fixing up grammar in their work. You can join this platform, interact with other writers, and get help for your paper. Call on anyone available at any time to help you proofread your work and fix the error. And being part of the community, you can also be called upon to render help to others as well.

Specialized Platforms

The sharpessay platform will help you make up expert writers who can help users with their work. The platform is thorough with their recruitment of quality writers to help users edit their content. All you have to do is submit your write up to the platform to be assigned a writer to edit and proofread your work. After the work has been thoroughly checked and all errors are fixed, they will send it back to the sender.


Although this platform may be for children as they play word puzzles, use different dictionaries, and other fun writing stuff. However, the platform can help improve your grammar skills and help you get better with your writing skills. They offer a free and premium package where you can complete the use of what is available on the site and enjoy more that the platform has to offer.

Essay Writing Services

Essay writing services, like, are user-friendly websites that do not require any technical skill to use. It provides you with resources that will help you as a writer improve on your writing skills. You can speak to experts directly as they offer you all the assistance you will need to provide quality services on the website. The website is suitable for amateurs and experts who need help in improving their writing skills.


Some people do not trust their work to others and may prefer the proofreading and checking errors by themselves. Also, when you do not have the time, resources, or you cannot find anyone to proofread your work, you can consider using Grammarly. This tool will help you check for grammar errors, fix sentences, check for passive voice, and other errors that you will fix by yourself. All you have to do is input the content on the platform and fix all the mistakes with the solutions shown on the page. Download your work after you are done and submit the accurate content.


If you need writing tools that have all the packages, then you should consider the WhiteSmoke. If you need a writing package that you can use anywhere, even on your mobile phone or on the go, then WhiteSmoke is the best option. With this tool, you can check for plagiarism, grammar errors, correct spelling and language, and much more to improve your content. Get a professional finish to your work with the use of WhiteSmoke.

Assignment Partner

The Assignment Partner platform is made up of a group of professional writers who will help you edit your work. You can submit your content on the platform, and they will help you by proofreading your work, fix all the errors found, and submit it back to you. Assignment help will help you save time in proofreading your content and help you make your content look professional before submitting the final work.

1 checker

Starting your career as a professional writer may prove difficult, especially when you have to pay for tools to improve your writing skills. But with 1 checker, you get everything you will need for free to make your content perfect. As a newbie, the 1 checker will help you improve on things that you may not be aware of, such as simple spelling errors, grammar checks, sentence alignment, and others. The tool makes your proofreading tasks faster, and you can meet up the deadline on time.

Now that we have discussed the top 10 tools that you will need as a writer to improve your work, you can now find the one that best suits you. Applying these in your writing work will strengthen your work from topsoil.  These tools are selected to meet all range of writers, from amateurs to professional writers. As a writer, you want to deliver contents that are free of grammar errors to improve your status as a writer. Get any of the tools today and improve your content to your customers and readers to ensure enjoyable reading.


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With an academic foundation in English Literature from Harvard University and over a decade of professional experience, Logan Bennett brings a rich tapestry of insights to his writings. Logan has consistently provided in-depth analysis and engaging content. His journey began as a junior editor at a renowned publishing house, where his passion for storytelling and narrative construction flourished. Apart from the work, he indulges in photography, capturing the world through his lens. His dedication to excellence and his multifaceted background enrich our content landscape. Sometimes, he loves to go hiking.

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