It is just one of those things we don’t think a lot about, until we need it, like best zero turn mower for your big lawn. Expired medications aren’t usually harmful to you, they are just not as effective. But in some cases, such as severe allergies, having a medication that isn’t is not as affective can be harmful because may be preventing a life threatening reaction.

When you clean out and organize your medicine cabinet, I want you to look at the expiration date of every medication in it. The expiration dates can be in a variety of places.

Sometimes they are hard to find.
expiration dateSometimes they are hard to read

Don’t forget to check prescription medications too. See.. this one was expired!

expired medsThis one too.

Here is my pile of expired medications from the cabinet above my coffee maker.

Here is my pile of expired meds from my two pantry baskets. Pretty bad huh? But not unusual at all.

Even when some people go in and organize or straighten up their meds, they don’t think about looking for expired medications.

It is a pain to look for the expired meds!! Trying to search all over the bottle for the expiration date. Then if you can read it without a magnifying glass your also lucky like having a best above ground pool.

So how can we help solve this problem? Simple!

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