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Dave and I are celebrating our five year anniversary in Colorado. We are in a cabin about 12 miles away from Divide, CO. It is beautiful! The only issue is that we are both having some problems with the altitude. We are about 9,000 ft. Even though we have been trying to drink a lot of water, we are both having problems with headaches. I woke up this morning feeling terrible! First morning here. My head was throbbing. But it did get better after I was up a little bit, ate and drank and took some ibuprofen.

Here are some pictures of our place. I might not have any more posts up this week. As soon as we get back from our trip on Tuesday I’m off again for business on Wednesday.

This is looking down on the living area. Look at that window to the left….Here is looking out that window from the 2nd floor of our place.

So we have a cool window… but if we aren’t looking out onto a cool view – what good is it right? This is our view! That is Pikes Peak out there.We got there and within ten minutes this is what we see off our enclosed deck.

We are staying at a cabin called Pikes Peak. This is not a review, we paid full price for our place. But I wanted to share how wonderful it was. I’m sure I’ll post some more pictures later this week if I get a chance meanwhile, feel free to write a guest post for us to earn some link for yourself!

Sandy Jensen
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