Refrigerators Can Get So Gross!
Have you had any science experiments growing in your refrigerator lately? lol
refrigeratorIt is so easy for things to get pushed to the back of the refrigerator and get lost. I don’t have a side by side, my freezer is on top and our refrig. isn’t all that big. When the milk and big things are on the top shelf that is just over waist high, then it is harder to see down to the lower shelves to see what might be on the bottom.
Plus ours had gotten so dirty! Yuck! I did wait until the refrig was pretty empty to take on this project. It is not normally this bare!

You can see from this picture how some things are pushed way to the back. There is a pop can underneath the drawer and I’m not sure what is in that round container on the bottom in the back. I don’t normally get back away from it on this level (like I am to get this picture)