Secrets to Smart Home Staging: Making your Rental Property Stand Out

Secrets to Smart Home Staging: Making your Rental Property Stand Out

If you are about to list your rental house, you might know the competition in the real estate industry. Potential renters consider every aspect of your property before making their final decision, and there are ample competitors to add to your challenge. Thus, attracting credible tenants and getting the right rental charge may seem challenging. However, with smart home staging, if properties can sell out faster, your property can be rented faster, too. But, remember, the concept of home staging has evolved and goes beyond rearranging furniture and home decor.

Today, it is more about making the living space appealing to potential renters. Thus, the home staging cost is inevitable if you look forward to listing your rental property. However, data reveals that smart home staging reaps 8-10% returns on investment. Also, home staging will evoke the potential renters’ confidence in the rental property, helping you attract the responsible ones. It will keep your rental house occupied longer, earning more than just rent. So, if you want to list your house for rent, here are some smart home staging tips that will make your rental house stand out.

Declutter Your Space

A clutter-free space is a key, inviting element when it comes to home staging. Declutter your house of the excess furniture and ensure that you remove your personal belongings and memorabilia from the rental space. It will help potential renters visualize themselves living comfortably in the space, making your rental house more appealing. Getting rid of the clutter will make your space look spacious and more neatly organized, which is highly desirable for a rental property. Thus, decluttering the space while maintaining the aesthetics will leave a lasting impression on the renters.

Give Each Corner of Your Property Its Identity

Let the potential renters visualize themselves living in your rental home by giving each corner of the property its own identity. So, if you are about to list your house for rent, create distinct functional areas and give themes to certain corners of your rental house. It will add a unique charm and character to your rental space. It will spark the imagination of your potential tenants and focus on your rental space’s versatility, making it more appealing to the renters. For instance, you can set up an office desk and a chair by the window, showcasing that the corner can be effectively used as a home office.

Embrace Neutral Interiors

Although the renters won’t own your space, they will surely like to personalize it with their decor when they start living in your rental home. Thus, properties with neutral palettes are well-received by potential renters as it gives them an idea of what they can do with the rented space, making it more attractive and appealing. Neutral interiors make the space more welcoming, and every corner looks spacious. It appears as a blank canvas to the potential renters, where they can decorate the space with their personal belongings, adding their style to the rental space.

Keep Your Property Fresh and Appropriately Maintained

One element that a potential renter immediately notices during a home tour is the marks left by old tenants. So, if your house has any scuff marks on the floor, damages, or holes in the walls, it gives an impression that the property is ‘used,’ which is an instant turn-off point for potential tenants.

Thus, before home staging your rental house, conduct a deep cleansing of the space, address maintenance issues and repair damages. Give a touch of fresh paint to the interiors and exteriors, if required. Following these intricacies will help you increase the value of your rental house and attract more potential tenants, allowing you to earn more eventually.

Highlight Unique Architectural Features

Every property has its character, aesthetics, and unique architectural features. Use these intricate details of your rental house as a USP to make your property look appealing and fresh. Showcase such features to the potential tenants using appropriate lighting and design to highlight the property’s special features.

For instance, if your house has a beautiful staircase, a cozy fireplace, or the washroom has a bathtub, highlight these features and bring them to the forefront of the home staging. So, when you list your rental house, ensure you bring these unique features under the spotlight and accentuate your property’s charm. The more unique your property, the better rental rates you can charge.

Prioritize Smart Security Features

A house is easy to rent if it has smart features. Investing in smart features, including appliances, safety features, thermostat controls, and other smart home elements, attracts sophisticated, responsible tenants and offers you an opportunity to charge more. Incorporation of smart technology in your rental house offers convenience and comfort to the renters, on which you can capitalize. Smart renters are always looking for rental properties that offer advanced living solutions and are always ready to pay more in the bargain as it brings a comfortable living experience.

Do Not Neglect the Curb Appeal

The exterior of your house forms the first impression in the minds of potential renters. Thus, a well-maintained curb, fresh landscapes, and clean walkways form an attractive facade. If you are about to list your house for rent, add some greens to the curb, making it look more fresh and appealing. After all, a welcoming exterior gives out positive vibes, making the property look more enticing to potential renters. It sparks their enthusiasm in considering the property for rent and sets the stage for a ‘yes’ from the potential renters.


Thus, home staging is not just a passing trend; it is a must today if you are about to list your room for rent. Adding smart technology, decluttering the interiors, and adding character to the rental space while keeping the individuality of the space intact will attract more credible tenants. Home staging allows you to showcase the best features of your house in a streamlined way, ensuring you get the returns for it. So, make some smart investments in home staging and enhance the appeal of your rental property today.

Sandy Jensen
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