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Smart Tech and Innovation to Enhance Hygiene Standards at Home 

A million deaths a year can be prevented if everyone routinely cleaned their hands. Good hygiene protocols can reduce the risk of foodborne diseases, respiratory illnesses, and diarrheal problems, among others. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business operator, hygiene is vital to keep spaces clean and free of harmful bacteria and viruses. The good news is there are many innovative cleaning solutions that you can try to keep your home or any other space clean.

Touch-Free Faucets and Intelligent Hand Dryers

Washing your hands with soap and water is an effective way of keeping them clean. To avoid contact with germs that may be harboring on surfaces, a contactless faucet is a fantastic solution. In addition, it saves water and money because it will automatically shut off and dispenses only a certain amount of water. Soap can also be dispensed with non-contact dispensers. These automated soap or gel kits are fitted with sensors and release a cleaning solution.  It should also be noted that hands should be dried well after handwashing to prevent cross contamination and infections. Wet hands can spread microbes from the skin to surfaces. Smart dryers that emit warm air help dry hands quickly and, in the process, reduces the number of bacteria that remain on surfaces. Another alternative is to use paper towels which can also be dispensed automatically with the wave of the hand to avoid further contact.

Ultraviolet (UV) Cleaning and Robotics

Cleaning with ultraviolet is not a new concept. However, its use has expanded from treating drinking water using UV radiation to industrial applications. For example, many businesses turned to UV light as a cleaning solution. In addition to its efficacy, it also costs less to operate a UV system and is easier to install. The system is also cheaper than other methods such as steam cleaning.
Robotic artificial intelligence (AI) cleaners are going to play a role in keeping a premises clean. In some public spaces such as airports and train stations, robots are already starting to take over. At home, you can get robot cleaners to vacuum and mop floors. Some robots are also equipped with UV lights and are capable of thoroughly disinfecting rooms in less than 15 minutes. It would take an employee 60-90 minutes to do the job. In effect, robots are efficient cleaners and reduce human contact.
Now more than ever is hygiene very important in private and public spaces. Tech innovations such as touchless fixtures and robotics can improve sanitation immensely at home for above-ground pool or in the office.
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Julia Child, a culinary expert with a profound love for kitchen gadgets, has been revolutionizing home cooking experiences for over 15 years. After graduating with a degree in Culinary Arts, she embarked on a journey to demystify complex cooking techniques. She joined our team, bringing a blend of professional kitchen expertise and approachable cooking style to our readers. Besides writing, Julia is an enthusiastic teacher, conducting community cooking workshops and sharing her knowledge on selecting and utilizing kitchen appliances.


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