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The Definitive Guide to Finding out if your Rocks are Valuable

The Definitive Guide to Finding out if your Rocks are Valuable.

Rocks are natural solids made up of various materials and chemicals. There are many mixtures of rocks present in

this world and each rock is unique in their way. You might be curious to know whether rocks have any value or not,

and the answer is yes, some rocks do have a value, including monetary value.

If you want to find valuable rocks with good monetary value, then there are several factors which you need to

consider. Let us have a look at some factors that you need to determine.

Inspect The Colour

Color does positively affect the determination of rock type but, it is not sufficient for mineral recognition. For example, iron pyrite is golden in color, and people have popularized it as fool’s gold. But it does not imply that color does not help with determining the type of rock.

There is a rock such as monochromatic azure having deep azure color. But many impurities and minerals in rock lead to a change in color. For example: if amethyst is not infused, into iron then it would have been clear. Also, use a mineral catalog to determine the rock with its color effectively and efficiently.

Do A Streak Test

The rock is of a different color when compared to rock powder. When you break the rock, you will ascertain that the powder present in it is of a different color than the color of the rock itself. But if you want the rock to stay protected and do not want to break it, do a streak test using unglazed porcelain. Rub or swipe the rock against porcelain tile and weight for the results. If rock leaves a yellow streak, that means the mineral present in the rock is gold. And if it leaves a black streak, that means the mineral present in the rock is chalcopyrite. If porcelain is less powerful than minerals, then this test will not work.

Hardness Check

Minerals are classified on a scale of one to ten. If the mineral is difficult, that means it is valuable. The harder the mineral, the more valuable it is. If the mineral can be scratched easily using your fingernails, that means it is very soft and less valuable. The more difficult it becomes to scratch rock, the more valuable it certifies.

Meteorites Should Be Identified

You may think that gold and diamond are rare, but it is not true because meteorites are the rarest rocks. They replicate like lava rocks or slag. The generation of meteorites is caused by the heat from atmospheric friction.


This factor plays an important role in the determination of rock as well as the value of rock increase or decreases according to the location. One thing you need to do before searching for rocks is to get a geological map. That will let you know the areas suitable for finding rocks and artifacts. The places where you can start your valuable rock searching journey are parks, creek beds, pay mines, and rock quarries.


Searching for rocks is the most beautiful thing in the world. Because it is an adventure and while searching for stones, you also learn many geological facts and grab lots of knowledge. And you will get many valuable rocks in your backyard too.

If you pay attention to all the factors clearly while searching, then you may surely get the most valuable rock. The factors such hardness, weight, color, streak, and location. So, until now, you have got the idea, then grab all the tools and get started with your journey of haunting rocks.

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