The Easiest and Most Sustainable Way to Keep Your Car Clean


Owning a car goes far beyond keeping it in the garage and occasionally taking it out for a drive. It’s a huge responsibility with a lot of subtle nuances which you need to get right otherwise you risk your car’s longevity and may need to replace entire parts. But one aspect of car maintenance and care is a lot more superficial and focuses on its exterior.

You’ll find plenty of tips and life hacks on how to keep car exterior clean and sparking all throughout its lifetime. But these all require you to purchase special chemicals and polish which not only end up being a waste of money but are most likely non-biodegradable chemicals that may even end up harming your car’s exterior rather than protecting it.

Instead, one of the most useful car accessories out there can get the job done and it’s only a one-time investment in one of the most convenient products you can purchase for your car. It’s nothing more than a simple auto cover and you’ll be surprised at the many advantages this simple accessory has.

What Are Car Covers For?

So you’ve likely seen a few car collectors who put a special kind of 79 polk material over their car to protect it from dust. These are also car covers, but they are specialized to fit a specific model of vehicles and protect them from outside elements. Car covers, however, are not only meant to be used on collectibles. They can and are often used with standard, everyday vehicles, as one would cover the interior with car floor mats.

There are a ton of car covers out there to pick from and all of them accomplish their own practical task. For example, if you happen to live in an area with a lot of moisture and wet weather, you should consider investing in a waterproof or breathable car cover. These are designed to shrug off moisture and water damage that could make their way into the car’s internals, causing rust and other kinds of corrosion.

Other car covers are UV resistant and make for good protection against the sun’s rays just like enclosing a patio protects you from the sun. Don’t let those photos of melted car bumpers and backlights scare you into keeping your car in the garage. Park your car next to the office with the UV shield and you shouldn’t have a problem protecting your vehicle from the sun’s dangerous rays.

How It’s Sustainable

Ever washed your car and on the same day, it begins to rain? That feeling of seeing those dirty spots on your car after you had it scrubbed clean is hardly a pleasant sight. So, after the rain stops, you go back to the car wash and give it another cleaning, having now successfully used up twice the amount of water you normally would keep your car clean.

Now imagine countless drivers like yourself doing that all across the globe. That’s a lot of water that just went down the drain (literally and metaphorically) all because you weren’t lucky with your choice of days to have the car washed. But if you had invested in a simple waterproof car cover, you wouldn’t have to deal with this problem.

Waterproof car covers are designed to keep as much moisture off the surface of your vehicle as possible. If not for the sake of keeping it clean, then at the very least to ensure that the rainwater, as well as all the tiny particles inside of it, don’t damage your vehicle. Keep in mind, that with every part that is damaged and replaced, that’s another piece of non-biodegradable waste in the environment.

You purchase a car cover and it is yours to keep for as long as it lasts. Modern car covers are made with a very tight weave so that they will last even in the toughest conditions and will rarely ever break. So, not only are you making a sustainable investment in your vehicle, but the item itself is sustainable itself. Consider it payback to mother nature as you did by bringing in the terrariums.

Choose the One That Suits Your Needs

At the end of the day, it’s all about finding something that checks off all your criteria and requirements. Luckily, even the simplest cover is very versatile and can serve you in more than one way, be it protecting your vehicle against frost, rain, and in some cases even light impact damage.

So pick out the one that suits your needs and matches the weather conditions in your local area. Auto covers are very easy to store and they can be easily folded up and placed in the trunk for easy transport. Basically, there’s really no reason why a car owner shouldn’t have one as they are very useful and can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

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