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The Ultimate Guide to Bakers Racks


Do you love to bake, but find yourself running out of storage space? If so, a baker rack with drawers may be the perfect solution for you. These racks offer plenty of storage space for your baking supplies, and some models even include built-in drawer units. This allows you to keep your baking ingredients and tools organized and within easy reach.

If you’re looking for a baker rack that offers convenient storage space, be sure to check out the models that are baker’s racks with drawers – check prices here. You’ll be able to bake like a pro in no time!

Otherwise, here are a few tips to help you find the perfect baker’s rack for your space.

What’s Another Name for a Bakers Rack?

Baker’s racks were first developed in the 1600s, used by bakers to cool baked goods like breads, pies, and pastries. Traditionally made out of wrought iron or steel, these racks were perfect for cooling hot items rapidly while maintaining the integrity of the finished baked goods.

Although baker’s racks are usually referred to by that name alone when used in the kitchen, these racks can be used in any area of the home. In today’s world, where very few of us actually take the time to bake on a regular basis, baker’s racks are used in the living room, bathroom, and even the bedroom.

When used outside of the kitchen, another name for a baker’s rack is an étagère.

How to Buy a Bakers Rack

If you’re thinking about adding a baker’s rack to any room in your home, you may want to consider these tips to help you find the right one.

What is the Size of a Baker’s Rack?

First, what is the best size for your home?

Much of this will depend on the space in which you are putting your baker’s rack. If it’s going in a more crowded space, like an entryway, you may want to consider a more compact unit. Otherwise, know that baker’s racks are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes.

They can be used as a decorative focal point for a room or a simple, functional storage space that is enough to keep frisbees and other toys.

The average size for a standard baking rack is 24 to 36 inches wide and about 60 to 72 inches tall. Of course, larger and smaller styles are also available.

Drawers or No Drawers

If you plan on using your baker’s rack for storage, you may want to consider a baker’s rack with drawers. These are perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, and anywhere else in your home in which you need a bit more space.

Drawers give the unit a more organized, cleaner look. They also let you skip adding baskets or other organizational pieces.

If drawers are not your style, know that you can add other features to a baker’s rack, like wine compartments or stemware racks.

Can You Put a Microwave on a Bakers Rack?

Another factor you’ll want to consider is the weight capacity of your baker’s rack. Most are sturdy enough to hold heavy appliances like microwaves, but always check the rating to be sure.

There are some baker’s racks that even come with built-in compartments for appliances like toasters, blenders, and of course, microwaves! These will support just about any style of the microwave as long as it isn’t too deep.

Bakers Rack Material

Once made exclusively out of metal, baker’s racks can now be found in just about any kind of material. Many are made with luxury woods like beech, maple, or oak.

There are also less expensive baker’s racks that are made with engineered wood to help save you money while also keeping the baker’s rack looking stylish and attractive.

Intended Purpose

“I don’t bake!” That’s a sentiment you’ll hear echoed by many people when they are urged to consider a baker’s rack for their home.

That’s okay! For a long time now, baker’s racks have enlisted outside of the kitchen and in the rest of the home. They’re perfect for providing storage when space is limited, such as in a kid’s room or a craft room. They aren’t just made out of metal anymore, so they can be used practically anywhere.

Other Features

Besides drawers, there are plenty of other features you might want to consider when looking for the right baker’s rack.

For example, there are rolling baker’s racks. These have casters on the bottom that let you easily move your rack out of the way if you’re tight on space or need more room for entertaining your guests. Genius!

Choosing the Right Bakers Racks

Baker racks with drawers are the perfect way to organize your kitchen and make baking easier than ever. Not only do they provide extra storage space, but the addition of a drawer means you can easily grab ingredients or tools without having to leave your workstation.

Plus, these racks come in a variety of colors and styles to match any kitchen décor.

If you’re looking for a way to add some organization (and style) to your kitchen, be sure to check out baker racks with drawers!

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