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The Ultimate Guide to Find a Leak in an Above Ground Pool

The Ultimate Guide to Find a Leak in an Above Ground Pool

Swimming pools tend to get wounded from time to time, and finding a leak in your swimming pool might seem like a hassle. But finding the unexpected leak in an above ground swimming pool should not seem like a hassle for our readers.

You would need to worry a bit if the leak is not large enough for you to identify the problem and then fix it. Although we will help you find out a way to make the process of finding a leak in an above-ground pool hassle-free.

Several above-ground pool ideas can help you find the leak and fix it. So, you would have a leak-free pool that is ready to dive into the swimming pool. Following the steps mentioned in the blog will help you get rid of the problem causing headache and will also help you prevent it well and before.

But is your Pool Really Leaking?

Before you Freak out, make sure you check if your pool is really leaking. There are chances that you see less water in your pool, and you assume your pool is leaking. Evaporation is the prime reason your pool is losing water, and the evaporation rate may have increased with your swimming pool.

It is normal for a swimming pool to lose at least 2 inches of water every week, but if you see your pool lose more than 2 inches, then it may because of a change in temperature, humidity, and higher exposure to the sun.

What is the Cause for a Leak in an Above ground Pool?

Knowing the root cause of a problem always helps you in preventing any future damage. Several causes for a leak in an above-ground pool like- seals deteriorating or any movement in the ground.

These causes are not really in your control, and you cannot prevent them, but you can make sure that effective plumbing is installed and maintained. Maintaining the pool is something every pool owner must follow, and they are used to pool issues now and then. Hence it becomes necessary to find out the root cause.

How to Find a Leak in an above Ground Swimming Pool?

We have already established the root cause for a leak so you could prevent it from further damage. There are many above-ground pool ideas to identify the leak in your swimming pool but in this blog, let us focus on the best way to detect the leak.

Step 1. Grab Some Dye

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Step 2. Get inside your Swimming Pool.

In this step of the process, you are required to get into your pool with the dye in your hand and make sure you have a goggle on as you will be there for some time. You shall preferably use snorkel goggles as they can help you stay underwater for a longer duration.

Step 3. Release the Dye.

As you get inside the pool, release the dye from your hand, preferably around the areas that have cracks. This will help you identify if those cracks soak the color dye into them, resulting in revealing the leak in your swimming pool.

If you still cannot figure out the leak and cannot spot obvious hotspots in the pool, it is better to start with the main drain and return lines. Ensure you are not disturbing the water in your pool to the extent that it makes it more difficult for you to identify the problematic area.

Still could not Figure out the Leak?

This process should help you find the problematic area, but if you still have not, you may need to call for a professional. Many times, the professionals with better equipment and expertise can help you in a better way than a DIY.

They use professional methods such as:

  • Pressurizing: The professionals may use compressed air and see where the pressure is falling along with the pipe. This method also forces the bubbles from the compromised area, which makes it easier to identify the cause.
  • Camera: Some professionals may also fit a camera through the pipes, which helps locate the leak in the pool. They also use a microphone to hear water escape to identify the leak within less time.

It is a Wrap!

Once you identified the leak of the pool, you may worry about fixing the problematic issue of your pool. There are, again, several ways to fix the issue by repairing the leak. The most common ways to repair the leak are skimmer leaks, liner leaks, and light leaks.

The professionals can help you fix the issue better as you have identified the leak in your pool for yourself. Dealing with pool leaks is very common for a pool owner, and these steps and causes can help you identify and prevent the leak from future damage.

Erica Puisis
Erica Puisis holds a Master’s in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, specializing in outdoor structures and recreational spaces. Since joining our website as a platform in 2020, Erica has provided insights into above-ground pool selection, installation tips, and maintenance practices. Her background includes roles in civil project management and as a freelance outdoor living consultant. Erica is a keen swimmer in her leisure time and participates in community environmental initiatives.

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