The Ultimate Guide to Student Self Storage Units


Land and rent rates are increasing day by day, which means less space for you to live in, and even lesser space for your belongings, unless you can afford living in a mansion having hillside landscaping. Even then, there is no guarantee that you won’t have to deal with shortage of space to store your things.

Things can become harder if you are a university student, or a young adult studying away from your hometown. In the stage of life you are in, there ought to be more things and less space.

One famous solution championed by most people nowadays is to simply book a student storage unit or self-storage London, but how does it really work? If you are unsure of what it is and whether you need it or not, then read ahead.

We have also mentioned some things you need to keep in mind when choosing the best student storage for yourself, once you have decided that you need one.

What is a Student Storage Unit?

The simplest answer to the question: a place for you to store all of those items that you cannot store in your dorm room because of lack of space, and cannot get rid of either because they are useful. NO, it is not like a treehouse so don’t imagine some treehouse ideas in your mind.  And like all other goods and services, you pay for the space that you occupy.

How does self storage London or in any other city work? You first book a unit online, then, take your belongings to the unit or they pick them up and store them until you need them back.

Most companies that provide self storage in the UK or self storage London, have packages made especially for student needs. This includes student discounts, safe storage for summer and winter breaks, and pick-up and delivery service for your items.

It is better to get a student storage unit if you are a student. But, do you really need one?

Do You Need a Student Storage Unit?

Do you often worry about your roommate invading your cupboard and touching things that you don’t want them to touch? Or are you, perhaps, a hoarder and absolutely cannot get rid of any items that hold an emotional value but also occupy a lot of space in your already tiny room?

You might also want to temporarily get rid of last semester’s textbooks and notes, the laptop or desktop you don’t use anymore and even out-of-season clothes.

If any of these sound relatable, then we say you should consider getting self storage Brighton or in the city you reside. But first, you should know what exactly it is that you want to store in the student storage unit, because it will help you choose an appropriate unit.

Also, if you are passionate about getting good grades and studying well, consider getting rid of all the clutter around your study space. This helps in concentration.

According to the research of a psychologist Wilhelm Wundt, it is impossible to perceive two things at the same moment. Even though they might appear to be happening at the same time, we perceive of them at different times (or seconds). This proves that multitasking is bad for the brain.

So, cleaning up your study space and storing all the extra stuff in a storage unit can be a good idea.

Things to Keep in Mind when Booking Self Storage London as a Student

You might have realized up till now where you stand in this confusing binary between “I need self storage London” and “I do not need self storage in London”.

If you belong in the first category, and are convinced that you need one, you should know what important things you need to consider while choosing a unit for yourself. So, we have compiled a list that will help you in choosing the best self storage London or in anywhere else in the UK.

  • What can you afford?

We understand that academic expenses are already so hard to bear for most students, but no one knows your budget better than yourself.

Look up phrases like self storage London or student storage units and browse through the options that appear. Make a note of the facilities each company is providing and the cost. Use what you learnt in Math class by comparing the gains and conducting some cost benefit analysis.

Choose the one that fits your budget and needs. You neither want to spend too much on facilities that you don’t even require, nor do you want to give up on some essential facilities like padlocks.

Some companies also give discounts when you book a unit for more than 6 months. This can be of use especially when you go back home during winter or summer break. So, do your homework (sorry, if that reminded you of your assignments that are due soon) and choose wisely.

  • Do you have the time and resources to travel to the unit?

As a student, you might not have your own car as yet. And, going on a private taxi just to deliver your things to the unit sounds kind of expensive and unfeasible.

Know that going on public transport while carrying bulky boxes full of your belongings will cause a lot of heads to turn your way. We bet you probably don’t want that kind of attention. We recommend opting for a unit that is close to where you reside or is within easy access.

Or even better, choose one that provides pick up service for your items. Such facilities eliminate the need for physically vising the unit. This helps especially when you’re short on time.

  • Is the storage unit reliable and safe?

We will be honest with you. The thought of leaving your precious things all alone in an unknown place can be pretty daunting. Hence, the company you choose for your storage needs must provide safety measures. You don’t want anyone to steal your belongings.

The intensity of security varies for all options. Choose one according to the type of items you are storing in the unit.

While 24-hour CCTV monitoring is necessary, in our opinion, whether you require the unit to have pin code access, pad-locks, or weapon loaded guards, depends on the preciousness of the items that you want to store (and which fits within your budget).

We hope that our ultimate guide to student self storage helped answer the questions you had about self storage London or student storage in UK and has made making a choice easier.

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