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Do You Have Gutter Guards? Learn the Disadvantages of Having One

Do You Have Gutter Guards Learn the Disadvantages of Having One

Aren’t you tired from cleaning all the leaves and debris from your gutter in the roof after every rainfall? We always think that it’s good enough to clean it once every season, but who are we lying to. We always end up on the ladder trying to clog it off after every drizzle.

Well, you must have thought to yourselves that enough of this drama and considered installing one of the many gutter guards that you saw online or on the TV commercial. But wait for a second and think, do they really work?

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Just like any other thing, gutter guards have many disadvantages along with advantages. Let’s consider a few before you dip your hand in your pocket to drain out some dollars so that you never have to dip it in the gutter ever again.


People have this huge misconception that you are well off once you install a gutter guard and have nothing to worry about. Well, someone gotta clean the gutter guards as well. Maybe it is not that frequent, but twice or once a year works.

And even though you install a gutter guard, you still might have to clean the gutter occasionally when you clean the guard itself. The guard sieves out the big leaves and twigs, but most guards cannot keep the pine needles and small debris.

So now you do not just have to clean the gutter but the guard as well, and the work becomes more tenuous because you need to know how to remove gutter guard. So never expect that gutter guards are maintenance-free and a onetime fix.


You might not be amused when you get to know the cost of the installation of a gutter guard. Yes, not all are expensive, and there are a few affordable options, but to get the best result, you better not be stingy. Most of the gutter guard comes at a high price because you get professionals for the installation.

It might be expensive, but it is a safer way so that you can be rest assure. But if you cannot stretch your budget, you can always buy one off the internet and install it yourself or with the help of your local handyman. But in such a case, you might end up with a less effective guard as your work would not be as flawless as a professional.

Ice, Dust, Sand Issues

Before even installing a gutter guard, you need to understand how each type works and the best suitable one for your climate and surroundings. Many say that micro mesh is the go-to guard, but it might not be the case. They work in big cities because they do not have that many trees around and it is easy to maintain.

If your house is near a place with a pine forest or a very dusty and sandy area, micro-mesh might not be your best choice as the pore will be clogged. Even in heavy snow areas, the gutter guard must be cautious, and the ice might cover the guard and freeze it.

Additional Weight

Gutters are usually kept a bit lightweight, but once you install a gutter guard, it put on a heavyweight. This might make your gutter pipe slump and bit and, in many cases, damaged it permanently. Before installing a guard, you need to analyze if your gutter is strong enough to hold the guards that you wish to install.

Gutter Trees

I know it sounds very weird, but it is a thing and a very common hassle that many people had to deal with. Seeds tend to get stuck in the gutter guard and cause a nuisance. The occasional steady flow of water, air, and the sunlight is the perfect place for a tree to grow.

But no one wants a tree on top of their roof, right? To avoid this, you need to keep a check and clean the guard at regular intervals. If any seed begins to germinate, you need to uproot it before it gets any bigger.

Whether installing a gutter guard is beneficial for your house or not totally depends on the house, location, climate, and the owner. Having a gutter guard might make sense in a two-storied house as cleaning is a bit of a task, but it is better not to have one in a small cottage since you will be burdened with the maintenance and cleaning of the guard as well as the gutter.

But if you do not want to risk falling off a ladder once every month, you can consider purchasing and installing the guard

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