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Things You Should Know Before You Use VPN


VPN, Virtual Private Network. It helps the user to access the data while sharing or receiving across the world or public network. So, it is beneficial in keeping the users’ privacy safe. But it depends on how you use it. For example, people generally use it to access some restricted websites in their countries. But you don’t have to worry because this article will help you know the things you should know before you use VPN to get its benefits. So, let’s learn more about VPNs.

1. How does it work

Before we learn anything, let’s know how it works. The idea of a VPN is not just to sell it to the customer so that they can use it in their daily lives. Many companies have been using this to access their work or media, which they need for their employees. In this recent pandemic, VPNs have helped corporations a lot.

Let’s cut to the chase, when you switch on your VPN on your device, it creates a tunnel or encrypted connection between your device and the server of your VPN company. Now, whatever you search for or the traffic you create will be diverted towards the VPN servers, shifting to the public network. The exact route is being followed when data comes back to you.

2. Keeps your data safe

As we all know, cybercrime is increasing daily, and users are not safe. Your location and activities are getting tracked by the applications and websites you use. The data has shown that the cases are increasing exponentially during the pandemic and post-pandemic.

However, VPN is like a savior to you. VPNs prevent these apps and websites from tracking your daily activities. It keeps your information of date received or sent anonymously to the servers only, so it becomes difficult to track your identity. Some VPNs provide robust data protection against these thefts and all.

3. Access to blocked services

These are the primary and known benefits of VPNs which we all know. It allows access to the blocked content by making you connect with the region where it is available. You must be getting questions about how it happens? Well, the answer is that these VPNs change your IP address, which makes the service provider realize that you are accessing it from a different region, location, or country.

4. No more censorship while traveling.

Yes, it is crucial to have a VPN installed on your devices when you are going abroad for traveling or work. The reason is that many countries have restricted some important websites like search engines and social media. So it shows that your traffic is coming from different regions or locations. Also, here it is essential to keep in mind that it is entirely the user’s responsibility to ensure whether the usage of VPNs is legal or illegal in that country.

5. Drawback of VPNs

Yes, there are two sides to one coin. Above, we have discussed the advantages and how VPNs are helpful. Now, we will be discussing the disadvantages of VPNs. So, let’s learn more about VPN disadvantages.

  • It decreases the speed of your internet surfing.

As it encrypts your information or data, it takes time, which results in slow internet surfing.

  • It is illegal in certain countries.

It is essential to know the rules and the laws regarding VPNs in certain countries, as it is not legal to use VPNs in all countries.

  • Quality of encryption

Yes, until you are an encryption expert, it will be challenging to know the quality of encryption. It is pretty tricky to find out that your VPN is fulfilling all the promises it has mentioned. It has been found that average VPN users are unaware of cryptography, so they don’t know how VPN encryption works.

  • Reselling of your Login credential

Some VPN providers claim that they keep your data encrypted, but some have written in their policies that they can access your login to make their product more helpful for users.

Now it is your choice to get or not get the VPN. This article has both sides of VPN. So, it is essential to know these points before you go for any VPN. In short, it is for sure that using a VPN is a boon for us, and it makes our work easy and secure, but on the other side, it is a bane too. So, it is essential to know or learn more about a VPN before we go for it.

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