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Pest Control Tips for Commercial Areas


Be it your house or your workspace, the creepy crawlies will not lose a chance of crawling into comfortable places that are under any kind of roof. If it is your workspace, they will hamper your work productivity, disturb the workflow, and hamper the health and hygiene of the workers, and if a customer catches sight of them, the reputation will be marred. Austin pest control services once in a while and especially if you catch a sight of the pest, should be a part of your annual or semi-annual maintenance. However, here are some pro tips that will be insightful regarding pest infestation.

  • If you notice a dead bug or shed of pest skin on the floor, shelves, or desks, be conscious of their presence, and you can use simple DIYs in the initial stages.
  • Sawdust, wood shavings, or if the wooden furniture is making a sound, it is a signal of termites. Not just any DIY can eliminate termites; contact a pest control service immediately.
  • Pest droppings are an indication of the presence in your workspace.
  • Cobwebs are an indication of spiders. Some spiders, like the black widow, are very dangerous and venomous; their bite, in some cases, can cause instant death or hospitalization. Call power pest control services at once.
  • In the workspace canteen or kitchen, if you notice ants, cockroaches, or any other kinds of pets, take immediate measures to eliminate them as they carry many disease-causing bacteria.
  • Any unusual smell, like musty, sweet, or sharp smell, indicates the presence of pests in your workspace.
  • If the stairs or walls are made of wood and they have a hollow sound, it is doubted that there might be termites or ants.
  • A sight of rodents is an indication that they are living out at your expense, and they might also have invited over their whole family. Detect their entryway and close it at once. Further, call the pest control services.


A workspace has a lot of papers that are important documents. Pests love eating paper, and there is a huge chance that your cupboards will be full of cockroaches or little mice. Check once in a while for their presence and discard them if you find one. Also, keep using remedies to keep the pests away. Inform your employees that it is their duty to keep the canteen clean.

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