Tips On Choosing An Outdoor Water Fountain For Your Backyard


If you want to upgrade your outdoor space’s look, getting a water fountain would satisfy your desires. A water fountain is an outstanding decoration that can transform your hillside landscaping and backyard’s look depending on the style you picked.

You have to choose your water fountain’s design wisely because if you choose a design that doesn’t blend with your house’s theme, it might ruin the overall look. This is why looking for the right fountain design is one of the few things that you should think about before choosing your ideal water fountain.

You need to consider other factors when choosing the best water fountain for your backyard. To help you get some ideas, here are some tips that can assist you in choosing your ideal water fountain for your backyard.

Fountain design

The first tip in choosing a suitable outdoor water fountain for your backyard is to always align each decoration’s style to the motif or theme of your house.

If you established a vintage and classy theme for your home, adding a colorful water fountain would ruin the entire theme. Another example is when you ascertained a minimalistic theme, and you chose a water fountain that looks packed and has a lot of designs that could ruin your designs’ simplicity.

You can search online for various options, such as the Andalusia Garden Wall Fountain, which is perfect if you have a classic or vintage motif. The Cavalli Fountain with Fiore Pond conveys a luxurious sense and adds an expensive look to your backyard.


Checking for the price is also one thing that you should consider when choosing the ideal water fountain for your backyard. You have to budget your expenses because outdoor water fountains are expensive, even those smaller ones.

You have to make sure that the water fountain you choose must be less expensive, yet has good quality, can withstand different weather, and could last for years. But if your preferred style is quite costly, you can save some money to acquire your ideal water fountain.

Size and weight

The next tip is to think of the size and weight of your outdoor water fountain. It is crucial to choose an appropriate size and weight, especially if you plan on placing the fountain on your patio. There are instances where your deck cannot carry the weight of your outdoor water fountain, and it might cause collateral damage.

If you plan on placing them in your garden, a smaller water fountain is not advisable because your water fountain might not have an impact on your spacious backyard. Decide first on where you will place your outdoor water fountain, then visualize the weight and size.

The material used for the fountain

Knowing the different fountain materials is also an essential aspect in choosing your ideal outdoor water fountain. They are usually made up of other materials that have their unique advantages. Granite is an example of a material used to make a water fountain, which is incredibly versatile.

This material has a longer lifespan than other materials. It can withstand freezing temperatures. Cast stone is also an example of a material used to create an outdoor water fountain, and they are cumbersome with a shorter lifespan than granites.

Installation process

This last tip is the most common mistake people make when they want to place an outdoor water fountain in their backyard, and it is the installation process.

Many people experienced this before, and it is already too late to deal with it. Thinking about how the installation process will occur is crucial when you want to place an outdoor water fountain especially, when you have to place it near or front of the enclosed patio.

Where the truck will be parked, how will they pass from your house to your backyard, how will it fit in your main gate, where will you plug the fountain and many more. Think of these in advance so that you won’t have problems on the day of the installation.


Sandy Jensen
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