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Many people now choose to have condominium units near the place they work instead of going to their homes and enduring the long travel after working hours. These condominiums are a great place to stay and Presto Towns has some of the best units available today. The problem is that some condominiums are too small and they don’t have a lot of space. Luckily, these tips will help you maximize the space in your condominiums.

1. Bunk Beds

Bunk beds provide a way to have a sleeping place in a limited space. Some bunk beds even have storage for personal belongings and clothes. This lets it function as a bed and a dresser at the same time and it saves a lot of space and floor area.

2. Folding Surfaces and Tables

Surface furniture such as desks and tables are now designed so that they can retract into a wall easily if you need to have more space in your room. This design allows you to change how your room looks in a manner of seconds.

3. Transforming Seating Furniture

New designs of sofas and couches provide excellent ways to accommodate various numbers of people. These types of sofas may be folded out to expand and to accommodate more people or may even be compressed to have more room in your condominium unit.

4. Transformable Sofa and Beds

These types of sofas are built in a way that allows them to be transformed into beds. Since this functions as a bed and a sofa, this will surely save a lot of space especially if you have a small condominium unit.

5. Built-in Wall Cabinets

Built-in wall cabinets save a lot of space because they don’t take up your floor area. These are built inside the walls and you won’t have to worry about moving them around when rearranging your things.

6. Wall Shelves

Having wall shelves is a great idea to reduce furniture such as tables that are meant to be used as surfaces or storage spaces. When the shelves are built into the walls of condominiums, it maximizes the floor area.

7. Brighter Colors

Light or bright colors bring a significant impact to your room. Using light colors, either like pastel to gradient colors or something that looks paler, can make your room look spacious.. Compared to darker or warmer colors, it seems like every corner is moving towards us. We can’t change the size nor the shape of things. But adjusting by using light colors to your wall appears more spacious and feels breathable.

8. The Mirror Trick

Ever noticed that many condo units have mirrors? There’s a smart reason for that. It’s not just displayed for you to use but also creates that impact that this unit is wider than advertised. The reflection of your room is like an illusion of having more space.

There are different types of mirrors that you can use. It depends on your preference and where you choose to install it. You can use a floor-length mirror, which makes your room look taller. Or use a long shape creating a broader illusion of your space.

Another trick for you is to put the mirror opposite your window. It reflects the light towards your unit by day, making your room look brighter and bigger.

9. The Illusion of Tall Furniture

Tall furniture is one of those things that makes your space appear bigger. It could be a room dividers, a bookshelf, a floor to ceiling mirror, and other things that seem long and lean. Its length creates an illusion of having big furniture inside a little condo unit. It gives more storage, helping you utilize the limited space you have in your room.

10. Illuminate Your Space

Light up your room, for it brings a brighter mood. Another thing is, lighting up your room creates an illusion of a bigger space.

Can you imagine your room without proper lighting? Imagine that every corner is dark. How do you feel? It feels heavy, right?

If you want to make it feel lighter and brighter, use some lights like desk lamps, floor lamps, overhead lights, whatever you prefer. But if there’s not enough space for your floor lamps, find an alternative like using track lighting, which I believe saves space.

The trick with lights is that it bounces back to the walls, which provides an illusion of a bigger and more expansive space.

These are just some of the interior tricks that can make your room look more spacious. You can also make your treehouse ideas true while transforming your condominium. You don’t have to alter things. You can be creative on how you utilize stuff if you live in a small-sized condo unit and transform it into your dream home.

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