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Top 5 Best Automatic Pool Cleaners


The heat times are closer and closer, and we are expecting some of the most extreme shades of summer, which will make us feel the need to have a huge pool with some good above ground pool ideas and dive in and cool off ourselves.

But wait a minute; sometimes, it becomes difficult to keep the pool dirt-free especially when you have chicken coop plans nearby. So, it’s really necessary to have a stable and conscientious pool cleaner.

An automatic pool cleaner helps you in collecting the extra debris and sediments from the pool with less human intervention. It makes you less responsible for making you clean your pool.

If you talk about the best pool cleaners’ market, you will get to know that there are a number of new and improved pool cleaners for all types of consumers. However, some are highly recommended and of high quality that people like to have to clean their pool. That’s why today, we’d like to present to you our top 5 best automatic pool cleaner models to have this summer.

1. Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin Nautilus is more favored for inground pools as this cleaner is specialized in voiding and cleansing the pool surfaces in less than 3 hours.

It has a long 60 ft cord that helps it in reaching the points as it is lightweight and simple for changing the tire treads and cleaning out the filter.

Other than that, the cleaner doesn’t need a connection to the pool system. It also includes an easy-to-clean filter as well as a spring clear filter for finer and larger debris.

However, customers highly recommend this pool cleaner because of the capability of bagging the dirt and cleaning the whole pool from top to bottom.

I consider it number 1 because of the fact that it is user-friendly and of the best quality out of all the automatic pool cleaners so far.

It is easy to use, not so critical as compared to other pool cleaners, which makes it score higher brownie points than the others.


· A possessed pivot cable keeps it safe from tangling as the robot adventures crosswise your pool.

· Power adaptability retains intensity consumption costs.

· The cleaner works independently of your pool system.

· It accommodates an easy-to-clean cartridge filter as well as a “spring clean” filter for both striking and bulkier junk.

· This makes it one of the best automatic pools cleaner for larger pools.


· Consumers, before all else, glorified the Dolphin Nautilus filters, one and the other, for their strength to pick up debris and the effortless clean-up eventually.

· They also said that the Nautilus works very efficiently, tiding the pools from top to bottom.

· The cleaner easily deals with pool chemicals.

· Many of the consumers also stated that the cleaner’s cord does not tangle when it is at service.


· A few of the customers criticized that the unit left black bands all over their lining after sanitation, which is being caused by the black housing of the pool cleaner slathering off.

· Not so happy customers said excepting that you have the power channel adjoining the pool, the power cable is short, and the design they provided is rather prohibited for using extensions.

2. Hayward Tiger Shark QC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Quick Clean Technology

This little pool cleaner developed for inground pools does not only measure the size and width of your pool but also gives an ultimate cleaning experience. It is also the first choice for customers who are looking for an energy economy.

The cleaning procedure takes 3 hours. However, there is also a Quick Clean mode for only 90 minutes. Cleaning covers all surfaces, including walls and waterline.

The unit uses a nice scrubbing roller and a cartridge filter with an easy emptying system. One of this pool cleaner’s most effective features is that it never gets stuck and tangles its cord.

This product contains all the features that make it a top model, from its design to its cleaning power.


· A shut-off is responsible for providing robotic power to make the mechanism power off after running for three hours. It saves you even more money on power.

· The smart number cruncher determines the most effective cleaning impressions for your unique pool.

· The Tiger Shark not only voids but brushes and cleanses while it cleans, gives you a sparkly pool floor.


· Buyers exalted the unit’s capability of going up the blocks of the pools, making the wall clean up to the waterlogging.

· Customers also loved its efficiency in cleaning the pool. It leaves the water pool above reproach.

· In addition, people also loved that it never gets stuck or tangles the cord in the middle of the cleaning.


· A few of the unhappy customers claimed that when the driver breaks, its repair is quite difficult compared to other pool cleaners.

· Some complained that the machine gets stuck on the drain cover and then requires great effort to remove it manually.

· Last but not least, many said that the unit scrapes the pool liner.

3. Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

In my opinion, this is the best Polaris robotic pool cleaner of the Sport series as it keeps a perfect balance between performance and price. The only thing it lacks compared to the latest Polaris F9550 IQ is the app control, but it costs almost $150 less.

This snazzy choice from Polaris is made up of four-wheel commute and Aqua-Trax tires for easily steering the outward of the pool. Tangles and getting stuck are impossible, especially because it features a tangle-free cord. The device cleans the waterline and easily navigates around the pool due to the ActivMotion Sensor navigation.

It also supports the water propulsion to eliminate dirt in hard-to-reach places, and dual scrubbers deal with any sediment.

Maintenance is a piece of cake thanks to a large filter canister with a unique full indicator. This is the only product in the review with such a function.

It has a seven-day schedule that grants you regular automatic cleaning while you’re absent. And remote access lets you purpose the Polaris Sport at various areas of the pool when you’re home.

This pool cleaner stands out from other robotic pool cleaners in many respects, so it’s definitely worth paying attention to.


· Motion sensing technology allows the unit to avoid obstacles.

· Vortex Vacuum technology makes the cleaner eat up huge dirt while still keeping its suction strong.

· A hinder water momentum system keeps the Sport operates tricky.

· A 7-day timer and robotic supervision preserve for ultimate authority of your unit.


· Buyers actually love the functionality and the drive of this product which helps it process all surfaces and saves it from water logging.

· Many customers also claimed that it has a huge debris container with a smart notification that helps it perform its job well.

· The whole cleaning is out of discussion due to excellent scrubbers and propulsion.


· Anyway, let us admit that the unit is expensive.

· A few customers said that the cleaner feels pretty heavy to work with.

· If you really need app control, it’s not your option.

4. Dolphin Triton Robotic Pool Cleaner with Caddy Swivel Cable, 60-Feet

The list of best pool cleaners is incomplete without this boy as it is another great innovation from the Dolphin group.

It has an automatic 2 hours cycle for pool cleaning to reach the most awkward corners of your pool, including walls and waterline. It also contains a basket filter system that makes it more appealing.

Unusual for robotic cleaners, this baby has no smart navigation. But the PowerStream mobility system, tracks, and scrubbers, as well as schedule, redeem this lack.

If you want a high-quality pool cleaner with all the features of good pool cleaners, then this product will have big thumbs up.

Why? Because this mini-mechanical device gives your pool an ultimate look even on the waterline and guarantees affordable prices without extra functions like app control, which may look excessive for some customers.


· The filter mechanism is effortless to cleanse and comes with bounce clean-up benefits.

· A swivel cord prevents tangling so the Triton can keep on rousing.

· The pool cleaner does not demand to conjoin to your pool mechanism to dash, preserving you the power.

· A combined caddy composes the unit accessible to treasure and action.


· Customers allege that the cleaner fulfills its cleaning all the way up to the waterline.

· It stands in the list of best pool cleaners as customers are valuing its easy setup and perfect cleaning with all the essential functions.

· Customers say that once the pool cleaner gets used to the pool, it shows an extraordinary cleansing power by cleaning all the dirt and debris.

· The scheduling option cannot be overestimated in terms of convenience and efficiency.

· We also love dual scrubbers, tangle-free cable, and a large basket.


· The navigation system is a lack.

· The unit may face clogs, especially when dealing with large debris like leaves.

· Many buyers state the warranty is not applicable if you make an online purchase.

5. Pool Rover S2 Robotic Universal Pool Cleaner

While all previous models were developed for inground pools only, we finally found a product that perfectly suits both medium-sized inground pools up to 40ft and above ground constructions of any size and shape.

The unit looks pretty simple and operates in the same way. Let us say it’s not the most powerful and thorough option, but it still provides lovely cleaning results and easy maintenance for little money.

This budget choice cleans the floor, cove, and walls on all surfaces, including fiberglass. We have no scrubbers here, but the unit suctions the debris and collects it in a built-in top-access bag. It filters 80-85 gallons per minute.

The cleaner runs well and doesn’t tangle, thanks to a 40′ swivel cable.

Many other, much more expensive and innovative products are doing the same job. And here, you can get it for a more affordable price. That’s why customers love this high-quality and straightforward device.


· A trickle is a top approach, making it effortless to clean.

· A 40-foot cord won’t get knotted.

· Cleans pool bottom, cavern and goes up to six inches.

· A two-hour cleansing procedure provides you with a clean pool without ages of waiting.


· Happy consumers rated it one of the best pool cleaners because of its strength to clean the debris.

· Satisfied consumers were happy with this pool cleaner’s price, calling it one of the best and affordable pool cleaners.

· Filtration quality deserves our special attention.


· Despite the anti-tangle cord, the cleaner does often get stuck because it has no navigation system.

· The unit cannot clean the waterline.

· Anyway, this is not the smartest, most innovative, and durable option.


I tried to show you the best robotic pool cleaners that may suit various pools and customers in the review. There are budget and top-level options, the smartest and the simplest. But there is one thing that unites them all – each product provides thorough pool and water cleaning with a minimum of your participation. I hope you’ll find your assistant and enjoy swimming.

Erica Puisis
Erica Puisis holds a Master’s in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, specializing in outdoor structures and recreational spaces. Since joining our website as a platform in 2020, Erica has provided insights into above-ground pool selection, installation tips, and maintenance practices. Her background includes roles in civil project management and as a freelance outdoor living consultant. Erica is a keen swimmer in her leisure time and participates in community environmental initiatives.

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