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10+ Small Chicken Coop Plans: Build Amazing Hen House

12 Chicken Coop Plans: Customize Your Hen House

Those little birds are cute, domestic, and how can we forget, there will be fresh eggs in the vicinity when there are hens in the backyard or landscape.

If someone is planning to get hens for their backyard, they will need a Chicken Coop. If someone already has hens, then they must be having a coop already.

In any case, there are many ideas for the customization of the chicken coops.

A well planned and constructed Coop will help in easier cleaning, more comfort for the hens, and add better looks to the backyard. Furthermore, keep the hens safe from predators, if any.

DIY Chicken Coop Is Better

Constructing a chicken coop on our own is not as difficult as it may seem at first. It is lighter on the budget and a fun and engaging task to do.

Anyone can make a smallsized chicken coop and customize it accordingly. This way, they can save some area in the backyard.

The ready-made Chicken Coops bought from the market are not ways made from the best materials. They break easily, rot, or take up more space than necessary. When one makes it themself, they can be more flexible in not just their budget, but also decide what type of wood to use, where to spend more money and where to less, and what size to choose for the roof or the base and more.

This way, whatever suits the best for the hens and the backyard can be made. The paint color can be customized to make it look prettier and compliment the garden, backyard, or house.

Ideas for Chicken Coops

1. A Barn Design

A Barn Design

This one is beautiful. It is spacious as it is large enough, can house 5 to 10 chickens, depending upon how big this coop one is willing to construct. It is strong and sturdy, has attractive colors, and an overall look, as shown in the image, thus, complimenting the whole garden or backyard. The excellent run makes it look stunning while serving its purpose.

2. Close-Packed Chicken Coop with Running Area

Close-Packed Chicken Coop with Running Area

This design, as shown in the image, is compact in design. However, that does not reduce its functionality in any way. It has enough space in the front for the hens to run and scratch and do whatever they want. Meanwhile, the net protects the hens at night or day from the predators who will try to attack them in the Coop.

The whole set-up size can be decided depending upon the number of hens someone is planning to keep in the Coop. However, since it is a ClosePacked type coop, it is better to keep it as small as possible and not a large flock.

3. Plant Decorations Coop

Plant Decorations Coop

The image represents what this idea means—making a houselike Chicken coop, with a mini balcony to decorate it with golems, plants, pumpkins, and such. The plants used for decoration can be changed every season.

There is enough space in the lower compartment for the hens to move around. Meanwhile, the elevated main area of the Coop where they rest and sleep makes the whole set-up require less space than it would otherwise have taken.

4. South-City Look

South-City Look

This South-City-themed Coop will give a stylish look to the backyard. It will complement the house and the outdoors just as much. As for the benefits, it is quite clear from the image. There will be effortless access to hens and nesting boxes. Cleaning and other things will be faster in this set-up.

5. Coops for The Urban

Coops for The Urban

People who live in the cities and urban locations usually do not have as much space as their counterparts living in rural areas. That is usually because of the noticeable difference in property price between the urban and rural areas/ outskirts.

However, that does not mean that people do not like to have chickens in there, however small, backyards/lawns. Even in towns/cities, people tend to keep hens for the same purpose the people have them in any other place.

That is where improvisation and creativity come in handy. Just for reference, the Coop can be adjusted, as shown in the image, with a net above and around them to mark the area where the hens will roam freely.

The Coop can be elevated enough to give much space underneath, making the whole area utilize the least amount of space. The Coop’s size, color, design, and additions can be worked on as per the availability of area, location, the color of the lawn/balcony/backyard or wherever it will be kept, and personal preferences.

The run should be wide enough to prevent any significant fall if the Coop is elevated high enough.

6. Secure Chicken Coop and Run Design

Secure Chicken Coop and Run Design

This one is a domestic, simple design. It has a small house/barnlike look, with a netted window, a small passage for the hens to get out, and a big one for the owner. The owner can lean down, and through the big gate, access the hens for roosting and nesting purposes as well as any other thing. The fascinating run attached to it makes the whole Coop look awesome.

This Coop is not protective in looks; the house-like appearance, when made using durable materials. The design of the roof will avoid any leakage of rainwater even through the windows.

7. Plain Lean-To-Coop Chicken Coop

Plain Lean-To-Coop Chicken Coop

As the name suggests, this one is quite like the previous one. The significant difference here is that this one has a simple design in comparison. Simple as in, one does not have to lean down too much to access the Coop comparatively.

The size of this one is large enough for that. A similar elevated approach makes it protective, keeping the chickens at a higher position at night, keeping them safe from small predators or poisonous crawlers.

8. Improvised Simple Coop

Improvised Simple Coop

This one, as the name suggests, depends on what building materials are available. As shown in the image, the Coop can easily house 3 to 5 chickens, with enough space for them to roam around and sleep peacefully at night. Depending on the creativity and materials available, the design looks good and can be made as sturdy, healthy, and beautiful as possible.

9. Wood Cabin Design

Wood Cabin Design

This one is based on the theme- Cabin in the Woods. It looks just like a cabin that one finds generally or sees even in movies or shows. The wooden logs used to build it make this Coop very strong and long-lasting. It is spacious from the inside and very secure. The Coop also allows for easy access for roosting and feeding purposes and more of the chickens and cleaning.

10. Rooftop Garden Bed Design

Rooftop Garden Bed Design

The image depicts quite well what this design is about. For those people who like gardening, flowers, and plants in general, this design is the best for them. Especially if there is not much space available to have both a garden and a chicken coop easily, joining both births this design.

11. Letter A

Letter A

This one has a frame that resembles the letter A, or two wooden plywood walls leaned against each other, as shown in the image.

It is straightforward to make, best suitable for a sunny day or warm weather. It has two levels: the image shows the above for resting, and the lower level for roaming freely, in the netted area to keep the predators away.

The whole set-up can be covered in a net, with windows wherever necessary to get the chickens out of the Coop or shift from the lower level to the upper since they cannot do that on their own in this design.

12. House Extension Coop

House Extension Coop

This design is like an extension to the wall, an existing barn wall, or any other well. It has versatility in it, and a run, windows, tin-roof, and a lot more can be added.

Sandra Ruiz
With a Master's in Environmental Design from Yale University, Sandra Ruiz has dedicated 15 years to reshaping living spaces. Her career started in urban planning, then transitioned to home renovation, where she has left a mark. Sandra became part of our team in 2020, quickly establishing herself with her innovative approaches to space utilization and energy efficiency. She is passionate about hiking, often drawing inspiration from nature for her designs. Her approach seamlessly blends practicality with aesthetic appeal, making her a go-to expert for homeowners and design enthusiasts alike.

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