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Top 5 Ways to Get Rid of Frogs in Your Pool

Top 5 Ways to Get Rid of Frogs in Your Pool

Oh, did you find a frog in your swimming pool?

Wondering why there are frogs in your pool?

Are you finding ways to get rid of frogs from your pool?

Well, frogs might surprise the new pool owners or someone dealing with swimming pools for the first time. But ‘pool frogs’ are the ones that love your clean and predators free swimming pool.

Why Do I see Frogs in my Pool?

Pool frogs are something every pool owner must deal with every season. So, to the pool frogs, your pool seems appealing and enticing to them, more like crystal clear water bodies that they feel comfortable staying in.

Well, most of the pool owners try to find ways to get rid of them while there are people who love frogs in their pools, but the good thing about them is they do not pose any threat to your health.

Although they are not harmful to your health, you do realize that you do not want them in your pool. Also, fishing them out of your pool can be a difficult task that you would not want to indulge in as they chill at the bottom of the pool.

Keep on reading to find out ways to get rid of Frogs.

1. Heat-Up your Pool

Heat-Up your Pool

Pool frogs prefer refreshing cold water to swim and have fun, but they avoid a pool that is warm or heated.

The method of heating the pool is economical yet effective as they help you get rid of frogs just by warming or heating the pool. The pool can be heated with the help of a swimming pool heater or solar pill.

The heated pool can even turn out to be beneficial for you as you can swim in warm water while you also get rid of the frogs.

You might see the frogs for some time around your pool but heating your pool for some days will give them an idea that this pool is not meant for them, and you would see a reduced number of frogs around your pool.

2. Trim the Grass around your Pool

Trim the Grass around your Pool

Guess the place where the frogs love hiding; you cannot see them when they are hiding right in front of your eyes. The grass area around your pool is where they hide, which can prevent if you chop them very short.

If there are any over-grown leaves of the grass, weed, and tall grasses, it would be better if you try to chop them more often.

Here is what you can do:

  • Shake the tall grass and leaf piles to get all the frogs out of them.
  • Pull off all the weeds and chop overgrown grasses.
  • Check again if any frogs are still left around the grass.
  • Now, grab a lawnmower and start trimming all the grass.

3. Install a Fence

Install a Fence

Covering your pool totally might not seem like a good option while you can install a fence instead. This way, you will have an open fence that does not cover your pool entirely but protects your pool against pool frogs.

This is one of the permanent solutions to get rid of frogs, and you would not see a surprise guest next time when you decide to swim with your family.

4. Turn-off the Pool Lights at Night

Turn-off the Pool Lights at Night

There is nothing to do with the light of your pool, frogs do not really care if the lights are on or off, but the bugs in your pool do care about it.

The bugs and insects in your pool are food for the pool frogs, and if you keep the bugs away from your pool, the frogs will not stay for longer in your pool.

The bugs at night respond to the natural lights at night, and they get confused when there is any artificial light. Bugs navigate based on the natural lights, but turning the pool lights off will confuse them and fly away somewhere else.

5. Install a Fountain in your Pool

Install a Fountain in your Pool

Keeping the lights off might help you confuse some bugs, but what about the bugs that do not care about the lights and anyway swim in your pool?

Bugs like mosquitos love still and stagnant water, while all day your pool might be busy but at night it is still.

Installing a fountain in your pool will help you get rid of all the bugs and indirectly the frogs too. It is a better and easy way to upgrade your pool and get rid of the frogs that have been annoying your swimming pool.


There are several ways to keep the frogs away from your pool, and trying each might take time. Try choosing a way that seems convenient to you and see if it is working for your pool. If not, there are other ways too.

Another way you can try is by applying the anti-frog spray in your pool which will act as a chemical barrier. Sanitize your pool more often, as clean pools are not the type of pools that frogs enjoy swimming.

Keep your pool clean and sanitized to win against all the pool frogs.

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