Touch of Eco Solar Lights Review

Touch of Eco Solar Lights Review

The great way to beautify your landscaping is none other than solar lights. Solar energy is a form of energy that is most widely used worldwide, and it is the purest form of energy.

It can be used in any electronic gadget and will beautify the lighting system all over the space. Many different forms of energy can be used for this purpose. Still, we feel that solar energy is the best form of energy for the environment.

Solar lightings can be used in your rooms and in your backyard during the night to make it a little bit beautiful and give the garden a melancholy view. If you love to relax in your garden, you can also do so at night once you are addicted to using only solar lights.

Solar lights in the garden help you create a unique and personalized space for your outdoor living experience. Not only are they an environment-friendly source of energy, but they also contain no wires so that you can decorate it freely without any hassle or interruption!

About Solar Lights

Solar lights are the purest form of energy as they are equally crucial for our environment. No matter how much of this electricity we are using, it will not affect the environment negatively. This is the only reason why people are so fond of using solar lights. Also, solar lights are relatively cheaper and thus can be easily affordable for everyone.

They are so beautiful, pleasant, and decent that they can beautify the whole backyard and turn your boring backyard into an interesting one where you will want to sit back and relax. The solar lights are free from wires, and thus they can be placed anywhere in the backyard of the room according to your choice.

It also highlights some important features, such as they are durable, cheap, beautiful, and can be trusted over time. So, one can always go for solar lights if they want to use any form of energy, then why not solar energy? In this article, we will discuss Touch of Eco Solar lights and their iconic features.

About Touch of Eco Company

Touch of Eco Solar Lights

The Touch of Eco company is considered one of the best companies to provide innovative ideas and solar lights for everyday use. The company has made its name because of its features in their solar lights and the safety that the lights are ensured with. They are made to cooperate with the environment and can be operated without damaging the environment.

They are not famous only because of their lighting but also because of the design, span, and security they offer to their customers. If you love lights everywhere, this company will walk miles with you as they are trusted and have various designs for your rooms and, especially backyard.

They have a wide variety of lighting sources and designs. Each of their lights has a long-lasting lifespan, and the most important thing that they offer is safety. If you plan to decorate your garden with these beautiful lights, you must check out Touch Eco company for the same.

Not only in lighting but also, they deal gently with every customer. The customer service of Touch Eco is excellent and relatively attentive. If you come across any issue, you only have to call their customer support, and they will be there to assist you.


There are a lot more benefits of using solar lights that you have imagined. These solar lightings will be a great benefit for your outdoor as well as your indoor space. As you must have known that solar lightings are affordable and sustainable and do not harm the environment in any way, using these resources will be a significant contribution from you to the environment.

Now comes other benefits of using solar lightings in your home. The most important thing is that it will save a lot on your electricity bill. You can use as many lights as you want in your rooms, kitchen, and backyard, and it will not cause any such issue and will keep your electricity bill low.

Outdoor lightings attract many people, and thus there will be many people asking you how you manage such lightings. It creates a beautiful ambiance that you appreciate. It will also be a great help in the decoration of your front porch or backyard with such beautiful lightings. If you have a shady property, you find a place where the sunlight reaches and charges them throughout the day.

However, during winters, you may face some problems while charging them as winter days are small, but still, they will be relatively useful and beneficial for you. People love solar lightings because they are cheap, affordable, durable, beautiful, and saves a lot of your monthly electricity bill.

Where Do you can Place the Lights?

We expect that by now, you must have answered your question. Yes, you can place a solar light anywhere. It is up to you to decide a place to put your lights, and you can just put them there. Are you wondering, how? This is because a solar light does not need any electric connection or electric switch, plug, and wires that you are limited with.

So, you are free to go to any place. All you need to do is to decorate the garden and put the lights all over the garden or at any place where you want to put them. You are not limited to the hard wires, electric plugs, and switches. However, you will have to keep one thing in your mind that the lights should be placed so that they receive sunlight throughout the day.

How Long will the Lights Last?

The lights will last if they are receiving sunlight. If you have placed them at such places where they are receiving sunlight throughout the day, they will last long. However, if you do not have an open area and place them in some shady area where they cannot receive sunlight throughout the day, they will soon get damaged.

Can the Batteries be Changed?

The solar lights are already equipped with rechargeable batteries that can be recharged once they get expired. However, even those rechargeable batteries have a lifespan. If they are recharged during their lifespan, you will not have to face any such difficulty. But once they finally get expired, then you will have to replace them with new batteries.

Can the Lights be Turned Off?

Each solar light comes equipped with a manual on/off switch that you can use to turn it on or off. If you do not want to do that manually, then you can leave them in the sunlight. Once they start receiving the sunlight, they will automatically turn on.

Holiday Products

There are some products that you can always refer to decorate your indoor space and outdoor space. So, we will mention some of the products that you will find useful for your space.

Utility Solar LED Lights

These solar LED lights are mainly used as gutter and fencing lights. They are placed on stairs or the fence roads so that the area can be lightened up. As they are not limited to long cords, they can be placed anywhere to provide the lighting. These lights are also used as security lights, and you can place them in your garden and on your front porch to illuminate the darkness.

Decorative Lights

Touch of ECO SUNTORCH - Solar LED Tiki Torch with Multiple Light Settings (4)
  • Weather Resistant
  • Auto On at night / Charges during the day
  • Three lighting settings: flickering like a real flame, steady white LED's and a steady warm glow...
  • Dimensions: 9.5"(H) x 3.8"(W) x 4.3"(L)

There are so many decorative lights that you will find either online or by visiting any store that is run on solar energy. These lights are placed on the garden’s fences to provide lighting and illuminate the darkness in the night.

There are so many different designs that you can purchase for the decoration of your porch and backyard, and indoor space. All you need to do is place them at such a place to receive the sunlight throughout the day.

String Lights

Solar String Lights 225 LED's, 105 Feet, Weather Resistant, Two Lighting Modes, Two Mounting...
  • Solar Powered 225 LED Count String Lights
  • Auto On At Night / Charges During The Day, Run Time: Approximately 8 Hours When Fully Charged With...
  • Light Modes: Steady On, Flashing and Off, Mount Options: Clip & Stake
  • Product Dimensions: Cord Length 105 ft , Lead Length: 10ft, LED Light Spacing: 5.08
  • Perfect For Your Patio, Umbrella, Gardens, Courtyards or Any Outdoor Living Area

There are some string solar lights that you can wrap around the pillars in your home to provide beautiful decoration and lighting. These lights run on solar power, and hence there will be no limitation of cord and electric plug. But make sure to wrap them in those pillars that are facing the sun.

Solar power is beneficial and cheap, and that is why it is the most loved and used form of energy. Also, they do not require any wires or electric plugs, which is another reason people love them so much. The only thing you need to take care of is to keep such lights in your garden to receive the sunlight throughout the day and glow throughout the night.

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