As we begin planning ahead for the spring season, you may be asking yourself, how you are going to ramp up your outdoor space this season?  The hillside landscaping pebbles are our top choice of project for this year.

What are Landscaping Pebbles?

Landscaping pebbles also known as decorative gravel are perfect for any home or business. They add a pop of color that will add a beautiful touch to your space. Landscaping pebbles come in varieties of shapes and sizes to ensure it matches your wants and needs. Typically, when we classify a stone as “landscaping pebbles” it is a smaller sized gravel ranging from ½” – 2” stone. This stone comes in polished and natural finishes. Polished stone is typically shiny in finish and gives a more modern look to your landscape. Whereas natural finished stone looks more earthy.

Landscape pebbles are also great for maintaining your landscape. Installing landscape paper as well as pebbles allows more weed control. It also helps with erosion control as well. Landscape pebbles are easy to install, as well as a cost-effective way to add decorative elements to your space.

Now that you have a better understanding of what landscaping pebbles are, it is time to decide on how you want to use them around your landscape! Below you can find our full guide into using landscaping pebbles.

  • Choose your Stone

The first step is deciding on what stone you want to use. You can gather inspiration online through sites such as Pinterest and HGTV. From there you can narrow down the overall look you are going for. Try searching things like “(state) landscape stone
or “(color) Landscaping Pebble”.

  • Measure your Space

Next you want to ensure you know what space, which can be your living room or your enclosed deck, you want to cover. Measuring your space is extremely important in order to know how much stone you need to complete the job. Measure your area in square footage. In order to do so measure out your length x width to get your total square footage. We also recommend you lay your stone 1” in depth.

  • Find a Supplier

Now that you have a better idea of what style and how much stone you need you can now find a landscape supplier! We always recommend you go to local landscape yards to get your product because their team knows the products well. They will be able to guide you in the right direction to know what stone is going to be best for you and your needs.

No matter what type of project you intend on completing, landscape pebbles are a great cost-effective choice to add character to your home.

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