Why a Multimeter Can Improve Workplace Safety


Every year our workplaces grow more and more complex. While the Covid-19 pandemic has seen a temporary disruption in the way we regularly work and live, ultimately the trend of our workplaces becoming more reliant upon digital devices and electrical appliances is ongoing. This is unquestionably fantastic as so many of these technological advances can make our jobs easier and more efficient. But it is also true that more electricity in a workplace can create greater challenges, and that’s why a business looking to improve workplace safety can do so by acquiring multimeters, like those from RS Components.

What a Multimeter Is

A multimeter is a tool that can be used to measure electricity. The reason this machine has ‘multi’ in its title is because it actually combines the ability to measure multiple components of electricity in just one device it doesn’t matter if you are using it on small appliances or bigger ones like craftsman snowblower. Having first come onto the market in the 1970s, the digital multimeter is usually the favourite choice of most businesses as numerous trials have shown digital multimeters generally provide greater reliability and precision in comparison to an analogue multimeter. This said, in certain instances, an analogue multimeter may be the ideal pick.

What Can a Multimeter Measure?

A basic multimeter will typically provide measurements of AC voltage, DC voltage, AC current, and DC current. The specific steps for using a multimeter for these readings will depend on each particular task, but these measurements are common throughout the range of multimeters. Some multimeters also have additional capabilities, able to provide temperature measurements, capacitance measurements, and other readings.

Alongside the capacity to provide these measurements, basic multimeter devices will come with a set of red and black wires. The mAVΩ port is where the red cable is conventionally plugged into, and the COM port is where the black wire is conventionally plugged into. The other ends of the wires are used for taking measurements with the multimeter.

What Uses Does a Multimeter Have?

Multimeters make it possible for non-professional users – AKA hobbyists or amateurs – to perform some basic inspections of electrical components around the workplace. A common example is electrical extension cords. As well as regularly making an eye inspection of the cord for any signs of damage or general wear or tear, a regular test of the cord’s electrical components is possible with a multimeter.

Similarly, it is also possible to test goods such as AA batteries with a multimeter.

What to Keep in Mind

Multimeters can have a learning curve involved. Any business looking to incorporate multimeters into their operations would have to keep in mind they take time to master. And as always, it’s important to remember if a task cannot be done safely with a multimeter, it’s necessary to call in a professional to ensure the job gets done right, with no danger involved.

Putting a Plan in Place

For businesses that have the capability and desire to do additional workplace safety checks, a multimeter can be a very useful tool for your any usable tools like maximus camera floodlight etc. Once there’s an understanding in-hand of how a multimeter functions and what precisely one can do, a business is well-placed to integrate it into its workplace safety plan.

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