8 Warranty Questions to Ask Before Replacing Your Windows


Window replacement may not be the most expensive project, but it is very important. It is one of the most significant home remodeling projects. Ensuring that you have a solid warranty to cover your investment is essential.

Usually, you can access two kinds of window replacement warranties: One from your window replacement contractor and the other one from the manufacturer. Your manufacturer warranty covers issues like hardware malfunctions and glass breakage.

On the other hand, the contractor’s warranty covers damages that may occur during window installation. Asking the right questions can help ensure that you get the best from your warranty.

Here are a few of the most important questions to consider asking before replacing your windows.

How long is it valid?

Warranties aren’t all the same. They come in various lengths and may be separated into three main categories: time frame warranties, limited lifetime warranties, and lifetime warranties.

Lifetime warranties cover your windows for as long as they are subject to normal wear and tear. On the other hand, time frame warranties expire after a specified period. Limited lifetime warranties cover certain defects or parts. They don’t always include the labor costs of fixing the problem.

The length of a warranty typically depends on the components. In addition, your warranty may be voided once you sell a house or transfer ownership.

How much would the project cost?

How much are you willing to spend on your window replacement project? While you may want to save money, the cheapest option isn’t always the best one.

The whole-home window replacement cost depends on the contractor you choose, the window frame material, and the window type. For example, windows that open outward may be more expensive than windows that don’t.

Custom large windows will also cost more than smaller ones. Compare different contractors and opt for one that offers the best value at the best price

Which components does the warranty cover?

Do not assume that your manufacturer’s warranty covers all your window components. While that is what you’d hope for, some manufacturers only cover specific components.

The warranty may only include the glass, frame, and hardware. Some components may only be covered for a specific period.

Most manufacturers offer lifetime warranties for hardware. Finishes and stains may only be covered for several years.

Does it cover labor?

Your replacement window installation provider should offer insurance coverage. They should protect you in the event of accidental damage to your windows or home during the installation process. You also need insurance for improper installation.


In addition to your windows’ warranty, the contractor needs to be insured as well. This saves you from liability in the event that a worker is injured or there is damage to your home project.

Is your business licensed?

Some states don’t require replacement contractors to be licensed. However, licensing is important. It demonstrates the company’s commitment to the job, professionalism, and credibility. Do not take their word for it. Always ask for proof of licensing.

How soon should I expect to have my window replaced under warranty?

Find out how long your window replacement company will take to replace your window under their warranty. While it isn’t always possible to give you a specific answer, they should give an accurate estimate.

You also need information regarding the window manufacturer and a way to reach them. You need to get this information before work starts.

Is it a transferable warranty?

Find out if you can transform your warranty. In many instances, it is voided when you sell the home. Transferable warranties let you, the original buyer, pass the warranty on to the next homeowner.

If you plan on reselling your home, a transferable warranty is a great idea. It could improve the resale value of your home. You simply need to go through the terms and understand them.

Can you offer references and images of previous work?

Customer referrals are some of the best ways to find out if you are working with a legitimate contractor. The best contractors are happy to provide you with a list of their recent customers. They are willing to show you images of their past work.

While you don’t need to call everyone on that list, you should have that option. Find out if the customers were happy with the job. .

Choosing the right contractor for your window replacement project is only part of the process. You also need to ensure that you have the best warranty for your needs. Asking the right questions could help ensure that you are getting the best deal.

It helps you set expectations and prepare accordingly. The most important questions to ask are about your budget, whether the warranty is transferable, and how long it will remain valid. Don’t assume that all warranties are the same.

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