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5 Top Tips For Organizing Your Garage


Not many homeowners recognize the garage as the efficient, useful space it can be, largely because they keep it in disarray. Organizing your garage can really lead to a boost in productivity, but how can you do it most efficiently? Below, we’ll share with you some of our favorite garage organizing tips for homeowners.

These are our favorite garage organizing and optimizing tricks, to get the most out of your garage, and get some much-needed extra space in your home.

Tip 1. Step up your storage game.

Obviously, every proper garage clean-up including wheelbarrow storage should start with organizing the things you wish to keep in your garage, and sorting them. Split the things you have in your garage into categories: tools, sentimental or outdated things you have no space for in the house, or seasonal items like decorations.

This will make it easier to throw out stuff you no longer need, but also to sort your garage storage in the long run. Once you’ve sorted your things into relevant categories, assess your storage options. Are you really using up your garage space to its fullest potential, or is there room for improvement?

Some items are best stored in horizontal storage units, while others in vertical ones. Step up your storage game by choosing the best storage units for your things, as well as by installing shelves, to limit the things you store on the ground.

Tip 2. Hang ‘em up.

Speaking of your wall space, we’re willing to bet you don’t do enough with it as you could. Sure, you could put up shelves, and often that saves up a lot of floor space. But the solution you’re looking for might also be as easy as a couple of hooks on the wall.

Of course, this depends on the things you’re storing in your garage, but stuff like tools (mechanical, gardening, etc.) can easily be put up on hooks, instead of the floor. So can sporting equipment, like surf boards or golf clubs. Once again, this helps you get more floor space, so that you can still fit your car into your garage, without forcing you to throw stuff out. It’s an ideal compromise, really.

Similarly, you might also want to use your overhead space more efficiently. Consider the items in your garage that could as easily be hung up from the ceiling, and get to work.

Tip 3. Protect your garage from wildlife.

There are a number of reasons why a wild animal might be attracted to your garage. The heat of your engine, for instance, can look pretty good, especially in cold weather. Though naturally, there’s nothing you can do about that – you need to use your car. So the best way to keep wildlife out is to reach a pro at These people are able to advise you on proper wildlife prevention techniques (such as, which things in your garage might be attracting wild animals, bugs, and the like).

They will also be able to assess the situation in your garage, and point out potential weaknesses, such as entry points for wild animals, long before they become a problem. And since removing a troublesome wild animal is a job and a half in and of itself, it’s far better to opt for prevention, rather than removal.

Tip 4. Check for cracks.

This is something that a wildlife removal expert will insist on doing, because gaps are also how wild animals and insects get in. but that’s also a way for moisture (either hot or cold air) to seep through. So check for cracks in the walls, both the exterior walls, and those leading back into the house, to prevent cold air (or hot) from seeping through.

If you do identify a crack in the wall, make sure to seal it with caulk or expandable foam, as these are the best, and most durable options. Remember to perform such checks regularly, to keep cracks from appearing, since these can cause quite a few problems, both for your garage, as well as the inside of your home.

Tip 5. Try a makeover.

Since you’re working on your garage anyway, it might be time for a makeover. Painting the walls, as well as re-doing the floor can breathe some new life into your garage, and that, in turn, can really change the way you view the space.

For your walls, use an open color, like white, to give the impression of more space. That can also make quite a difference in how you see the garage. When doing your floor, opt for anti skid coating (epoxy floor coating works well). This will resist oil stains, as well as dirt (which is bound to show up otherwise after you reorganize your garage), as well as freshen up the space.

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