Wen Electric Chainsaw Review

Wen Chainsaw Review

The famous brand Wen about which many people have not heard a single word, has now made its name in the market and is considered a trusted brand for an electric saw. If you are one of those who use a chainsaw at their homes, you must give Wen a try. 

You should have known that nothing other than electricity should be used if you are using a chainsaw. Yes, when it comes to a chainsaw, an electric chainsaw is the answer.

There are still so many people questioning this famous brand, but Wen has proved its name in the market. Wen is the endpoint if you are looking for an incredible power tool with an apparent price rate.

They have proved themselves a strong and trusted brand in comparison with other existing brands. When it comes to outdoor tools, only Wen should be considered because of its type, safety, and durability.

Wen Electric Chainsaw

Not only durable but also, Wen is considered to be the number one brand for versatility and compatibility. It would be best to get rid of your old gas-guzzling chainsaw and switch to this new and powerful electric chainsaw.

It offers excellent features that can be used outside at an affordable price. The most important thing about this widespread and trusted brand is that it ensures the customer’s safety

WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw, 16"
  • 12A motor rotates the chain at up to 44 feet per second
  • Lightweight design limits fatigue to the user
  • Auto-oiling system lubricates itself to elongate the saw’s lifespan
  • Tool-free chain changes make for easy and fast chain replacement
  • Requires no gasoline for emission-free operation

Product Features

We will discuss some essential and iconic features of this famous brand Wen electric chainsaw. Although the product offers various features, it is not possible to discuss each feature in detail. We will point out some of the central and most essential features of this product, and we will discuss some in detail.

Engine Size

The number 40417 offers a total power of 40 Volts that is the exact amount of power needed for an outside job or any job that must be done outside the home. The most important thing is that this feature is unique to this particular brand. You cannot expect more from this electric chainsaw as that of a gas-guzzling chainsaw.

Bar Length

Another thing that we should discuss this electric chainsaw is its bar length. So, the bar length of this electric chainsaw Wen 40417 is 16″. This length is more than required for the cutting of logs of trees. So, you will not need anything else to cut logs and trees other than this electric chainsaw. This length is perfect for this job.

Kickback and Chain

The Kickback has been designed in such a way that it should be kept as minimal as possible. This has been made specifically with this particular WEN 40417 electric chainsaw. Suppose an unprofessional person is also going to use this chainsaw. In that case, he will be able to use this without facing any difficulty, as this is relatively compatible and easy to use. It has immense power and guarantees safety.

Safety Features

Although we have discussed above how safe this electric chainsaw is for everyone, we will be looking in detail. It ensures an instant stop feature and a small amount of Kickback when the electric chainsaw is used. It also has a chain guard that protects the electric chainsaw when kept in storage for a while. It protects the blade of the saw and prevents it from corrosion.


Now comes the most awaited and most important part of this WEN product: its warranty. So, the warranty period for any WEN electrical product is two years. This warranty covers all manufacturing faults and some commonly occurring issues, if there are any. However, it does not cover any such fault that has been created by the customer itself.

Also, a manual tells us what to do and what we should not do with this product.

Product Performance

Although it has an ample power supply of 40 Volts, this amount of power is fit for the job that must be done by the electric chainsaw. You will not need any number above this because it is more than enough for the jobs. Before purchasing any such product, you should read everything about the product’s features and mainly about the performance of the product.

This will help you decide which product and which model you should purchase and which product will fit your home. Every product has its own set of pros and cons, and thus, a buyer should be fully aware of their characteristics and cons.


The WEN electric chainsaw has been explicitly designed to provide comfort and versatility to its users. It is made relatively comfortable to fit in your hands, and you should not get any difficulty while using this electric chainsaw. The next thing about this product is that it is easy to use and compatible.

What do People Love about Electric Chainsaw?

Wen Electric Chainsaw Review

This question arises in every buyer’s mind: what exactly do people love about an electric chainsaw? What features do this electric chainsaw offer that people are so fond of this particular product and many more questions? We will answer all these questions and discuss this product’s critical points that many people love.

The most common feature that everyone loves about this electric chainsaw is its compatibility. This product has been made specially to provide comfort to its users. It is made relatively comfortable to be easy to use by anyone who does not know about handling electric machines. No one finds any difficulty in operating this machine only because of the ease that it provides.

Another thing that people love about this electric chainsaw is its power required for the chores it has to do. The electric chainsaw provides precisely the power needed for jobs that have to be done outside the house. It would help if you did not worry about adjusting the power every time according to the need because it supplies the same power that is needed.

And the last thing that people love about this product is its performance. It has an ample power supply of 40 Volts. This amount of power is fit for the job that has to be done by the electric chainsaw. Anything beyond this power is not needed for the cores that this electric chainsaw has to do. Also, in such cases, you do not have to worry about the adjustment of power every time you have to use it.

These are some iconic and essential features of the electric chainsaw that people are so fond of. Many people trust this electric chainsaw because of the brand name that has been associated with this product. The famous brand Wen about which many people have not heard a single word has now made its name in the market and is considered a trusted brand for an electric saw.

Pros and Cons of Electric Chainsaw

WEN Cordless Electric Chainsaw, 16-Inch Brushless with 40V Max 4Ah Battery and Charger (40417)
  • Ditch the gasoline, extension cords and maintenance required with alternative chainsaws
  • Brushless motor maximizes both the torque and the lifespan of the unit
  • 16-inch chain runs at speeds of up to 49 feet per second
  • Included 40-Volt 4Ah fade-free lithium-ion battery and charger compatible with the entire WEN 40V...
  • Backed by a two-year warranty

This product can be used for jobs outside the home with a certain amount of power. If you want to do some additional chore beyond this power, you will not use this product. This product does its work with safety and perfection, and the product is easy to use and requires less maintenance.

It is light-weighted and compatible and thus can be kept anywhere in your home or even in a storage room if you have one. Also, if you do not have enough space, you can fit this electric chainsaw as it is compact, and you can lift it anywhere and anytime as it is light in weight.

The price of this electric chainsaw is affordable for everyone, so anyone can choose to purchase this for their house. This product also offers a variety of features and warranty and safety; every customer trusts this product. Everyone trusts the brand name that has been associated with this in the country.

It is tranquil in its work and thus does not create any noise pollution when in use. More so, it is designed so that anyone can use this machine without having prior knowledge of what precisely this machine is beforehand.

It quickly starts for its job, and it has an instant stop button if something goes wrong. However, there are sporadic chances that this situation will ever come as there have been no complaints regarding this electric chainsaw’s performance.

Finally, this product is an overall excellent and affordable machine that anyone can afford for their home if they are eager to use this. It has a warranty period of two years. Under that warranty, if anything gets damaged, you can easily replace this machine with a new one. However, it is not suggested that this machine will do all types of outside work.

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