How Many Ricks of Wood Do I Need for Winter?

How Many Ricks of Wood Do I Need for Winter?

It’s time to start thinking about your heating alternatives and how much money you want to spend on them as winter approaches.

If you have access to a burning stove, heater, or fireplace and reside in a region where you will get permission for this practice throughout this winter, you can plan accordingly.

You should know your home’s heating requirements. How much wood, if any, is appropriate for wood-burning appliances? How much firewood you need depends on your intended purposes.

If you heat your home with wood, you will need much more than someone with a little decorative fireplace.

How Many Ricks of Wood Do I Need for Winter?

A pile of wood stacked against a wooden wall

Every house is different when storing firewood because each has its unique climate, heating efficiency, requirements, and heating area.

1. Camping

If you plan to camp and store wood, about one cubic foot of firewood must maintain a blaze for an hour. However, we anticipate you will require more than an hour of fire during your journey. How many packs you need depends upon how much fire time you need. Two 3-hour fires, for instance, would use six bundles.

2. Fireplace

You can burn about four logs(16 inches) at once in an ordinary fireplace. In open wood-burning fireplaces, you must replace them within an hour. However, the same logs will burn significantly longer and provide more heat with closed combustion fireplaces.

The rationale is that it is much easier to regulate the airflow to fires and avoid heat loss up to the chimney in closed-combustion fireplaces.

Thus, you can maintain a fire for three to five hours with a closed fireplace, less than a bundle of wood. However, an open fireplace will require two or more bundles to have the same effect.

Need clarity on a rick vs. cord of wood? Read our comprehensive guide for deeper insights.

3. Firepit

Wood requirements for a firepit are proportional to put size. However, a regular firepit will use roughly one cubic foot per hour, equivalent to nine to twelve pieces. Enjoy an enjoyable evening in the backyard with just two or three packages.

However, you may require extra if it’s a windy, wet, or chilly night. If the weather prediction isn’t looking good, you should acquire an additional package.

The quantity of firewood required varies daily according to temperature and wind speed. Because of this, stocking up on firewood is a good idea so that you have plenty on hand. However, the success of this strategy depends on how well the firewood is stacked and stored.

To accomplish this, you’ll need a suitable location, inside or outside, to store the wood. Protect the wood from elements by covering it if you wish to keep it out. A tarp or other form of sheltered log storage might suffice.

In any case, the wood must be stacked such that it doesn’t touch the ground and there is room for air to circulate between the individual.


This guidance helped you determine how much wood to purchase. You should bring enough cords and boundless to last the entire camping trip and through the winter.

Despite the difficulty of anticipating how much you will require, it’s best to overestimate rather than underestimate. You can always put it away and use it later.

As you can see, the firewood required throughout the winter depends on various circumstances. Knowing how much wood one will need before purchasing or chopping it down since having too much or too little wood on hand can be a problem in and of itself.

Focusing on the size of your home and any other elements that may affect this, like draughty windows or inadequate insulation, is the best approach to get a feel for how much firewood you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Would It Last Me if I Bought One Bag of Wood?

Firewood, sold in bundles or bags, is convenient for outdoor events like camping trips and barbeques. A wood pile usually lasts two to three hours of burning time. You can easily have enough firewood for a bonfire or barbeque with just one bundle.

Does Wood Need More Time to Dry?

Seasoning firewood can take anywhere from three to twelve months. It takes around six months to dry out cut firewood purchased from a retailer or supplier. Depending on how wet it is, it may take more or less time for the wood to season.

Is There a Problem if The Wood is Not Dried?

Shrinkage percentages are species-specific. Depending on the species and the method used to see the wood from the log, the variation in width and thickness could be as high as 10% and 3%, respectively. The joints get damaged and fail if the seller manufactures a product before it shrinks.

How Much Are Two Ricks of Wood?

Rick is a stack of wood 4 feet high and 8 feet long, commonly used in Oklahoma folklore. A rick of wood is a measure of timber roughly equal to a third or half of a full cord. However, the exact depth can vary.

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