What Causes Foam in a Hot Tub? And How to Treat It

What Causes Foam in a Hot Tub? And Ways to Treat It

Do you find it annoying that your hot bathtub is filling up with unnecessary foam or you just have some different hot tub deck ideas? But trust us, with time, your hot tub bath is bound to collect foam.

It is a natural process that cannot be avoided. Sometimes, it indicates that the water’s pH balance is imbalanced due to the deodorants, sweat, lotions you apply on skin, or only it might be a buildup of products that you use in your bath.

If you have not changed the water in your hot bathtub for many days, the TDS (total dissolved salts) will keep on causing uncontrollable foam.

What causes foam in the hot tub? No wonder as a child, you would have loved playing in it, but as an adult, you will only hate it.

Do you regularly sanitize and filtrate your foamy hot tub water bath, and still you cannot get rid of it? It is high time you get down to some serious work.

Why Do You Have So Much Foam in Your Hot Tub?

Some of the products like laundry detergent, makeup, cosmetics, deodorant, soap, body lotions, greenview fertilizer,
body oils, shampoo, and conditioner can lead to a considerable amount of foam in your hot tub bath.

And a hot tub bath might not be the best spot for a bubble bath or do some splashing around.

Also, if your spa has fewer calcium levels, it will cause your water to turn green and give out a foul smell, along with a lot of foam.

If you have a water softener, you should always switch it off to reduce this. Try running your jet on the natural bubbles and foam and wait for a few minutes.

If foam persists, there is a severe problem.

What Causes Foam in A Hot Tub and Should You Get Rid of It?

Do not mix up bubbles with foam! Bubbles are produced by water and air when they pass through the hot tub jets through a jet pump.

Foam usually occurs because either these jet bubbles were blocked or there are too many contaminants in your water.

Such toxicity levels are always harmful to your skin, and you should always avoid soaking your body in the foam.

Also, if this foam is left untreated for an extended period, chances are it can damage the surface of your hot tub and corrode some of its equipment along with the discoloration of its walls.

We hope now you get why clearing your hot tub of foam is essential.

How Often Should You Be Changing the Water in Your Hot Tub?

If you want to avoid significant wear and tear in your hot tub for the long run and do not want to ruin your skin, you must make a proper, regular schedule for hot tub cleaning.

At least cleaning your hot tub of foam every 3-5 months might be a good idea if you want to maintain hygienic conditions.

How Much Is Foam Normal in A Hot Tub?

Sure, if you are having a stressful day, a hot bubble bath might feel therapeutic. But foam is not the same as a bubble.

What causes foam in a hot tub? Though apparently, it might seem harmless, it is an indicator that your hot tub has many hidden issues.

If you want to assess the foam in your hot tub is normal and safe enough for your skin, go for a chemical balance check.

You can dip a test strip and figure out the pH level from the strip’s coloration after a few seconds. If the pH is above 7.8 ppm, it is certainly not normal.

Do You Have to Drain Your Hot Tub to Get Rid of Foam?

If you find that the amount of foam in the water is only negligible, there is hardly any need to do that.

But once you see a significant amount of cloudiness due to the foam, emptying your hot tub might be a good idea. Sanitize your hot tub so that all the foam-causing impurities are washed away.

You can also try chlorinating the water or using a de-former such as the leisure time HQ Spa foam down. Spray water from your jets for about an hour, switch it off for two minutes, and re-activates.

You will probably find no more foam in your bathtub. But if you are not lucky enough, and the foam remains, getting your hot tub wholly drained is the only option.

You might also consider removing and replacing your hot tub filter.

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What Causes Foam in A Hot Tub and How Can You Avoid the Formation of Foam in Your Hot Tub?

We all know the famous phrase, “prevention is better than cure.” The same goes for hot tub foam. We are sure you already have a long to-do list, and the last thing you would want is one more addition.

If you want to avoid all these hassles of foam treatment, you can be careful with a few factors beforehand so that the foam does not occur at all. Some of these precautions are:

Take A Shower Before You Soak in Your Hot Tub

Hot Tub After Workout: Is it Good for Sore Muscles?

Many foam-forming agents are stuck to our body throughout the day, such as lotions, deodorants, moisturizers, sweat, etc.

It is always better to take a quick shower before soaking into the hot tub so that all these products are washed away from your body.

Always Put on A Clean Bathing Suit

Soaking in a Hot Tub

Sometimes the dirt from your bathing suit might lead to foaming in the hot tub. So always try to clean and rinse the suit before putting it on and entering the hot tub.

Do not just immerse yourself in the hot tub wearing a bathing suit that you have just freshly pulled out of the washer and dryer.

This is because the suit will be covered with laundry detergent that can again cause foaming. So even if your bathtub is dryer washed, again wash it in fresh water before you enter your hot tub.

Keep Long Hair Tied Back

Keep Long Hair Tied Back

What causes foam in a hot tub? Our hair usually contains products like shampoo, mousse, gel, conditioners, or even hair spray.

If such products come in touch with your hot tub water, foam is bound to occur. Make sure that your hair is tied back so that the products are not released into the hot tub.

Avoid Eating or Drinking in Hot Tub

Avoid Eating or Drinking in Hot Tub

Do not get inspired by gossip girl and start chilling out in your hot tub with pizza and wine. By chance, if you are spilling any of the food items or beverages in the hot water tub, no one can save your hot tub from foaming.

If you still want to eat or drink in your hot tub, you can always purchase a hot tub accessory so that you can place your food and drinks on it as it floats on the surface.

Skip the Tanning Lotions

Sensual Woman Scrubbing Arms In Bath

Never apply fake tanning products on your skin before you get into your hot tub since they are easily washed away from the ski in no time.

Also, wash away any tanning lotion that might already be on your skin. These products can give a brownish or dirty, greenish tint to the internal systems and hot tub shell.

Open the Lid Regularly

DIY Pallet Hot Tub

When you open your hot tub covers regularly, you are ensuring that enough oxygen enters the water. This can be an effective foam-controller. Also, try to clean your hot tub from any foreign particles such as twigs or leaves since they can decompose and cause foam.

What causes foam in a hot tub, and how to treat foam in your hot tub quickly?

Test your water.

The first and foremost thing you should do is, as mentioned above, test the pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels—also, test for TDS and calcium hardness in the water.

Try to change these levels if they seem abnormal to you to determine if these are the leading causes or underlying causes.

What causes foam in a hot tub? You have to be patient and conduct quite several tests.

Keep Inferior Chemicals Away from Your Hot Tub

Never try to buy low quality, cheap cleaning products for your hot tub. Such cleaners have fillers, and the ingredients are not as active for deep cleansing.

Choose only branded sanitizers and cleaners that have a good customer base and excellent reviews. If you go for cheaper alternatives, the chemical balances in your water will never be adjusted.

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Use Anti-Foam Chemicals

If you feel like you do not have that much time to follow the above steps, you can go for a quick fix, such as foam removing chemicals.

They work almost instantly and fix the foam within a day. But this solution isn’t permanent. They do not root out the problem from its source but are a great option when you are back from work after a long day.

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