What Do the Numbers on a Frisbee Golf Disc Mean?

What Do the Numbers on A Frisbee Golf Disc Mean

Whenever you see a golf disc, there are some annoying numbers on it. You may always think, what do these numbers represent and what to do with these numbers? You need not worry as we have come with complete details here in this article regarding the number available on golf discs. Read this article till the end to get the complete clarification on the point of writing numbers on the golf disk.

Meaning Of Numbers on The Golf Disk

The number that is available on the golf disk will represent the characteristics of the disk and how it will fly in the air as it will be the flight rating system. It will also represent the speed of the disc in the air, glide, and fade as well. This is the basic idea of how the disc will fly so if you have a certain number on it then, it will show the true character of that particular disc.

  • Speed will show how hard the disc can be thrown. So, it is the ability of the disc to cut the air to fly at a good speed. Speed rating can be between 1-14 and numbers with higher values mean that the disc will go far away with less power and similarly if the number on it is lower then, it will cover less distance with even more power. So, the number identifies the speed of the disc when thrown.
  • Glide will show how much distance it can cover when you throw it (How long the disc can stay in the air). Glide can be rated with numbers from 1-7 and if the higher number is there on disc, then it will be good for new players and if you want a disc to be in the air for more time then you should choose the disc with a high glide number.
  • The turn will show how much the disc will turn to the right when thrown. The numbers that you can see on the disc that depicts the turn are from -5 to +1. The lower the number, the more the turn will be. The higher the number, the fewer chances of the turn. So, the +1 number disc will be most resistant to the turn. However, if you have numbers between -2 and -5, they will make a good roller disc.
  • Fade will show how many discs will turn to the left when it will be close to the ending of its flight. The numbers will be from 0-5 on the discs. If it has the lowest number that is 0 then it means that it will finish straight at the end of the flight. However, if it has number 5, then it will hook hard at the end of the flight.

Frisbee Disc

The Frisbee Disc with all the numbers matched as per the player will be the best ultimate Frisbee Disc for him/her.

As the numbers decide the characteristics of the disc, however, it is very interesting to know who invented and created this flight rating system. This system was created and started by Innova Disc in the year 2009. Innova Discs started stamping the numbers on the discs in the year 2009, so it was considered the starting of this process. The four-digit number depicted the characteristics of the disc that made every disc a unique one.

Except this, this is also an important and frequently asked question that why you need to know about the disc flight ratings. The reasons why you need to know about the disc ratings are to know about the disc physics as it is important before you throw it as a player. The physics of disc flight control will help you to understand the fact that how the disc will fly.

The other reasons are listed below:

Purchasing Discs Suitable for Your Style

As in the market, there are a lot of discs available however you need to choose one as per, you’re playing style. If you know about the glide only then you can decide if you want the disc to cover a longer distance in the air. So, if you have basic knowledge about the discs only then you can decide the disc as per your game style else, it will be difficult for you to go with the discs.

Comparing Discs

Comparing Discs

If you see two discs and they have different numbers on them, you will get confused as to what those numbers signify and why they are different. So, if you have an idea about the flight rating, only then you will be able to differentiate between both the discs. Let suppose two discs have different numbers as 12 and 13. So, they both are different as per the flight rating.

Many people do not know about the flight rating concept and they remain confused about the numbers on the discs. However, if you have read the above article then you will be smarter than them and you can choose a disc as per the flight rating.

This will also help you while choosing discs according to your playing style. You can also share this article with your friends who have an interest in golf discs but lack knowledge about the significance of the numbers stamped on them. Now, you are pretty much clear about the facts and significance of numbers on discs, so you are good to go.

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