Everything You Want to Know About Solar Lights

Everything You Want to Know About Solar Lights

These days, solar lights are in trend. All environmentalists recommend the use of solar lights instead of using power bulbs.

As solar energy is a green source and is available all the time, solar lights are the cheapest alternative.

Maybe more people are thinking about what is solar light? Do not worry, and we will tell you everything you might know about solar lamps here.

What is Solar Light

Solar Energy is non-renewable and is available in abundance. Solar lights are operated on batteries that are charged using a solar photovoltaic panel. 

You will have to install the solar panel and use the lights without worry. Using the solar panel, the sun’s heat or light is converted into another form of energy.

The solar light can replace the different types of light sources like kerosene lamps, candles, etc. Other types of sources are highly renewable and can harm the environment.

Facts on Solar Lights

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Solar Lights uses the heat of the sun that is found in abundance. People want to know about what solar lights and the common facts about it is.

  • By using renewable sources of energy, electricity can be easily converted into solar energy.
  • The best part about solar lights is that they are wireless and not hooked to any external sources of power.
  • Solar lights cause no harmful effects on the environment. Hence it is best to use for all the electricity needs.
  • Solar lights can be used even in remote areas to create electricity. Where electricity cannot reach sunlight can create electricity and make lives easy.
  • Solar Lights are almost maintenance-free since it needs no service.
  • When there is no electricity, there are chances of an increase in crime. As solar light can be used anywhere without maintenance, the risk of crimes will be reduced.
  • Solar light lasts for ages. It is easily accessible and reliable as it provides security.
  • Solar lights work approximately 50,000 + hours

Things to Consider While Buying

Solar Lights

Now, as to your question, what is solar lights solved? We will tell you what things to consider while installing solar lights.

For How Long You Will Stay in Home

Before installing the solar lights, consider how much time you will be spending in that house. The solar light will take approximately 5-6 years for your investment to pay off.  Panels are not cheap though your electricity bills will go down drastically.

So, if you live in a house for long-term solar lights is the best investment, it is not advisable.

Cost Affordable

After knowing what solar light, people want to know what the cost is or how cost-effective it is. It is essential to select the panel that works right for you. Though installing can be a little expensive, but in the end, your investment will pay off in a few years.

Solar Panels are available in different ranges. You can choose the right one as per your need and budget.

Type of Roof

Since every house or building has a different roof structure, you need to consider installing the solar panel. On some roofs, the panel will be easy to install, while on some roofs, it will be difficult.

Though solar panels can be installed on any roof, it may take some extra effort to install in some. Experts can suggest to you what kind of solar panels will be perfect for your roof.


It is essential to consider where you will be installing the panel. Make sure your panel is installed where there is direct sunlight. This will also influence how many panels will be installed.

The location of your building is very crucial when deciding on the installation of the solar panel. Buildings and trees affect the sunlight reaching your panel, so choose the right one accordingly. Select the location of the panel where there is maximum exposure to sunlight.

Choose Right Company

When you are planning to install the solar panels, it is essential to consider the panel and lights will be of which company. Make sure to do little research in the market before selecting so that you have an idea that provides the best as per your needs and preferences.

Permits and Formalities

Before installing the solar lights, make sure to go through agreements or other papers and check all the terms and conditions on installing the panel.

Make sure you have all the permits regarding this. If you do not have proper permits, it will be considered illegal, and you will be risking everything if it is illegal.

Power Needed in your Home

When you invest in solar light, it is important to consider how much power is consumed in your home. If your power consumption is less, then you will need fewer panels and vice versa.

It is crucial to figure out what your consumption is and how many panels will be enough to satisfy your power need.

Time Consuming

When installing the solar lights, consider that it may take some of your time the installation. You will have to consider that you will have to dedicate some time to install the panel.

Benefits of Solar Lights

Benefits of Solar Lights

Now You know what solar light and things are to consider while installing the solar panel. Solar lights have innumerable benefits if installed in the right way. Here we have given the benefits and why you should also consider installing the solar lights.

Environment Friendly

Solar lights are environmentally friendly. It consumes power from a never-ending source that is sunlight and converts into power. It does not emit harmful fumes. Our planet is already going through a lot of problems and pollutions. We can all do our bit to save our planet by not using non-renewable sources and shifting to renewable and natural ones.


This is very cost-effective and one of the main benefits of solar light. It could come to you as an expensive affair when you mount the screen, but it will dramatically decrease your energy bills. For some years, solar lights will pay for themselves.

Never-ending Energy

It would help if you were guilt-free using your bulbs. When you add solar lights, you know that you use a green electricity source that is not detrimental to the environment and is available in abundance. You can use electricity without any concerns for as long as you live in a place where you get sunshine.

Quick Maintenance

There is very little maintenance needed for solar lights or panels. After a certain amount of time and little clean-up, it just needs to be checked now and then. There is nothing left that could be taken care of.

Variety of Styles

Suppose you are thinking about how to look like solar light or panel. Do not worry then as a complete number of solar lights are available. As per your preferences, you can select from a broad range. A large variety of lights is available.

How Solar Lights Work on Cloudy Days

The first question that pops in the head is how it can function on cloudy days after knowing what solar light is.

Solar panels are very susceptible to the strength of light or luminosity. Even if it is a gloomy day, a solar panel with light density will get its power. 

Even if there are clouds, there is always a certain amount of solar energy that would be enough to charge your solar panel.

While the charging speed could be lower since there is no direct sunshine, it will be powered.

Can Solar Power Withstand Hails and hurricanes?

The most common question of people who are considering installing the solar panel is that if they can withstand the hails or hurricanes?

  • If we talk about hurricanes, panels are very durable and can withstand hurricanes up to a speed of 2,400 pascal that is approximately wind at the speed of a mile per hour. Though each panel is different can withstand the different amount of wind. After that, there might be some damage to the panel.
  • In the hails panel case, it can withstand a hail of up to 1 inch, i.e., 25 mm. It was falling at 50 miles per hour. If hail is vast and fast, then panels and can break, but it is scarce. If you live in such areas, make sure to select the solar panel accordingly that can withstand the highest amount of risk.

Solar Lights Complicated or Simple

At first, it might seem that solar lights are complicated and are costly, but it is just a myth. Solar light is the simplest and renewable form of power.

It is entirely wireless, so perfect for any location.

Even remote places can get power. It is simple, with no maintenance cost. Just select the right one for you by keeping in mind all the aspects.

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