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What Is the Best Pool Deck Resurfacing Material

What Is the Best Pool Deck Resurfacing Material

Pool deck resurfacing is similar to giving your pool area a makeover. It’s a smart way to make it look fresh and inviting again. Whether you have a concrete, wood, or even a paver pool deck. There are materials available to make it look brand new.

We’ll find different resurfacing materials that are easy to use and will change your pool deck. We’ll discuss options like concrete overlays, cool decking, and even rubber or vinyl coatings.

You’ll learn about their pros and cons, how they work, and what fits your budget. With this, you’ll have the knowledge you need to choose the best material to refresh your pool deck and make your outdoor shelter even more enjoyable.

1. Concrete Overlay

Concrete Overlay

Think of a concrete overlay as a cool way to clean up your floors or paths. If you look after it well, these concrete things can handle different weather and many people walking on it. So, it’s not just good-looking. It’s also practical and long-lasting. A concrete overlay is for your floors or paths.

It makes them look nice and modern, just like actual stones or bricks, but it doesn’t cost too much. And if you take good care of it, this concrete thing can handle all sorts of weather and many people walking on it. So, it’s not just about looking amazing. It’s also about being strong and lasting a long time.

2. Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Travertine and limestone, two types of natural stone, give a classic and fancy look to any place. They stay cool when it’s sunny, and they won’t make you slip and fall. They can be a little expensive. And some kinds may need a special cover to stay looking perfect.

So, before you decide to use them, consider how much money you have and if you want to do extra work to keep them nice. These stones can make your place look great, but it’s important to plan carefully for the best results.

3. Pavers


Pavers are a great choice because they’re tough and flexible. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors so that you can make cool designs. They fit together in different pieces, so fixing them is easy, but putting them in can be hard work. They last a long time and can handle lots of people walking on them and different weather.

There are lots of choices, so you can make your outdoor space just the way you want, like a nice path or a pretty patio. Pavers are a simple and creative way to make your outdoor spaces look great and last a long time.

4. Resin-Based Coatings

Resin-Based Coatings

Resin coatings make your surface waterproof and look good. You can pick different colors and textures to make it your own. These coatings might need a touch-up every few years to stay nice. That’s the trade-off for their beauty and options.

So, if you want a tough, water-resistant finish that matches your style, resin coatings are a great choice. Don’t forget to give them a little care now and then to enjoy their benefits for years.

5. Rubber Surfacing

Rubber Surfacing

Rubber floors are super soft and squishy, like stepping on pillows. They’re fantastic for families with active kids because they stop you from sliding and make falls less painful. You can get creative with different looks and styles.

But not everyone thinks they look nice. So, even though they’re great for safety and fun, they might not suit everyone’s taste.

6. Wood Decking

Wood Decking

Wood decking gives your outdoor space a classic and comfy vibe. It looks warm and classic. But, it needs extra care to stay in good shape. You have to take care of it regularly to prevent it from rotting and losing its color. To ensure your deck lasts a long time, go for strong woods like teak or cedar.

These woods are tough and don’t wear out easily. They keep your deck comfortable and looking good for many years. So, while wood decking needs some work, the attractive and warm feeling it brings to your outdoor area is worth it.

7. Brick and Tile

Brick and Tile

Brick and tile decks have an old-fashioned, country-style attraction that stays nice for a long time. They’re tough, safe to walk on, and don’t need much care. But putting them in takes a while, and you can’t get too fancy with how they look.

Still, if you want something strong and easy to look after with a classic vibe, brick and tile decks are a good choice. Don’t forget it might take a bit longer to set up, and you can’t get too creative with the design, but their long-lasting attraction makes it worth it.

8. Above-Ground Pool Deck Alternatives

If you have an above ground pool, considering above-ground pool deck alternatives is essential for a unique and functional outdoor space. These alternatives include modular decks, composite materials, and even temporary platforms. They offer the flexibility and ease of installation that traditional decks may lack, fitting perfectly with the unique constraints of above ground pools. With these alternatives, you can achieve a stylish, durable, and practical outdoor area that complements your above ground pool perfectly.


Choosing the best pool deck resurfacing material depends on your specific needs and budget. Concrete overlays offer durability and affordability. Making them a popular choice for many. If you prefer a more natural look, consider using pavers or stone tiles. For a budget-friendly option, acrylic coatings are a good choice. They are easy to apply, come in various colors, and provide decent durability.

Lastly, if you want an eco-friendly option, rubber or recycled materials might be the way to go. The best pool deck resurfacing material depends on your priorities.

Whether it’s cost, beauty, durability, or environmental impact, make sure to research and consider your options carefully before making a decision.

Dave Petty
Dave Petty earned his Master’s in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University, focusing his 20-year career on inground pool construction and hydraulic systems. Since joining our website as a freelancer in 2020, Dave has provided insights into custom pool designs, construction techniques, and sustainability in pool maintenance. His background includes roles in architectural engineering and as a water feature designer. Beyond work, Dave is a mountain biking enthusiast and a volunteer in local water conservation projects.

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